Friday, October 21, 2011

Pesuasive- Don't Drink and Drive

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Don’t Drink and Drive

Every 0 minutes someone in America dies in an alcohol related accident. Last year alone there was over one million people injured in an alcohol related traffic incident. Alcohol involvement is the single greatest factor in motor vehicle deaths and injuries. Only 4% of all crashes involve the use of alcohol, but 41% of fatal crashes are do to alcohol. There is always a way to resolve this problem. The law has defiantly played a major role in scaring people from behind the wheel of a car after drinking. Most cases it takes being charged with your first Driving While Intoxicated charge in order for the individual to learn to be more responsible. Being charged with a DWI is very expensive and time consuming. This may seem to be the worst-case scenario for some people, but others where not so lucky to walk away with only a DWI charge. Instead they would have to pay with their lives.

There is so many ways to prevent such a tragedy from occurring. From 186 to 15, alcohol-related fatalities dropped 8%. This drop is generally attributed to stronger laws, tougher enforcement, and good consumer education. One should be knowledgeable of the harm that driving under the influence can have on them. Unfortunately, even a princess is not safe with a drunk driver. Although it has always been said that it could never happen to me, the fact is that it can. Don’t let a couple of fun hours drinking ruin all the hours to come. Be safe and know all of the outcomes ahead of time.

The number one way to save your life would be to always have a designated driver. One should wear their seat belts at all times, drinking or not. Be a responsible host by serving food and have non-alcoholic drinks available. Dont let your guests drive after drinking alcohol and never serve alcohol to someone under the age of 1. Never ride in a car with someone who has been drinking. Call a cab or ask a friend to drive you home. Most of all keep a safe distance from anyone driving erratically and do not try to intervene yourself. Your life is worth so much. Don’t give it away to a couple of drinks.

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