Tuesday, October 25, 2011

“Rising Urban Homicides Raise Officials’ Concern”

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1. They are concerned because if it would have kept on going higher there wouldn’t be enough police officials to handle the overwhelming crime rate and now that it has lowered there isn’t a high demand for police men.

. Officials can’t draw firm conclusion because the homicide rate keeps rising and lowering significantly.

. The forces that contributed to a drop in homicide were more criminals in prisons, innovative police strategies, intense community efforts to work with troubled youths, a waning of the crack cocaine epidemic and a strong economy providing more jobs in impoverished neighborhoods.

4. The cities in the U.S. that have had more than a hundred homicides were five of the seventeen cities that had increased killings.

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5. The number of reported homicides last year was 15,600.

6. The percentage of the national total for the seventeen cities accounted for more than twenty five percent of the nation’s homicides.

7. Concerns about crime have been heightened recently by shocking attacks in several cities.

8. Police officials think that the upturns in homicide in 1 and 000 are simply a normal statistical variation after so many good years, which had brought homicide rates to their lowest point nationally since 167.

. Mr. Fox and Mr. Blumstein both postulate that the murder rate cannot go any lower because “the rates have come down so far, they simply can’t be maintained at such a low level”.

10. Commissioner Safir suggests that it might be more accurate to look at the broader range of serious crimes, rather than just homicide because New York officials have used the homicide rate as a measure of their success in making the city safer.

11. Mr. Safir claims that assault, rape, burglary, theft and automobile theft have gone down eight percent in 000.

1. Operation Condor lets police officers in high crime areas work more overtime.

1. Since the adoption of Operation Condor there had been a small drop in homicides in May and so far in June, and Mr. Safir predicted that the total for 000 would be where it was in 1.

14. It makes it difficult because there are no obvious patterns to account for the increases in homicide in the cities that have had them.

15. Sgt. Jeff said “the rise can be largely attributed to the cities rapid population growth and its position near the Mexican border, with the large influx of illegal immigrants”.

16. The Phoenix police put together a special homicide task force for the year 000, with many of its members Spanish speakers, and the city has had a drop in homicide through the end of May.

17. Jason Lee says he has no explanation.

18. Criminologists explain the upsurge is due to a new generation of teenagers, too young to have experienced the terrifying consequences of the crack epidemic of the late 180’s.

1. Geoffrey Canada agrees with the hypothesis because he has seen an increase in kids who are cut with box cutters and razors but not the return of guns.

0. Mr. Canada said he hasn’t lost a kid in several years.

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