Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Star Wars a New Hope

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Star Wars a New Hope starts off with an impressive seen of a seemingly endless star destroyer comes over the screen firing its turbo lasers at a little republic cruiser. The seen flashes to the inside of the republic cruiser after the star destroyer passes over the screen. It shows a tall golden droid named C-P0 with his left leg being silver. Standing next to him is his counterpart R-D a short squatty looking droid that has three legs with wheels on them so he rolls around instead of walks. They have a frantic conversation about the captain shutting down the main reactor and that they will be destroyed for sure. The two droids get separated and R-D is given a message by Princess Leia. When C-P0 finds R-D the tall golden robot grovels about who the woman was but R acts like he has no clue what C-P0 is talking about. They get in an escape shuttle and take off for the near by desert planet. When they land they start off in separate directions and jawas pick them up. A young farm boy named Luke Skywalker and his uncle buy the two droids not knowing what they are getting into. After dinner Luke walks into the garage and the R is nowhere to be seen. Luke says that they can’t go looking for him now because the sand people are out. Early in the morning Luke and C-P0 go looking for R. Once they pick up his signature they go to get him. When they walk up to R he says that some creatures are approaching form the north. Luke takes his blaster rifle and electrobinoculars and goes to have a look. All he sees is a Bantha and a Tuskin Raider. When he looks up he sees a Tuskin Raider standing over him. It attacks him and knocks himself unconscious. The Raiders here a loud whooping sound and run. A man in a brown robe comes over a sand dune. He stays by the boy’s side till he wakes and Luke mentions, “Ben, Ben Kenobi?” Luke tells him that R was looking for him and that it was rightfully his. Ben just said that he didn’t recall ever owning a droid. They went back to his home and Ben watched the message in R. It said that the droid contained vital information to an imperial battle station and if he could take it to Alderan. He asked if Luke could come and Luke said he couldn’t. On their way to drop off Kenobi they came across a sand crawler and dead jawas. Ben said that the imperials were looking for the droids. Luke knew that it would lead to his home and when home to find his aunt and uncle dead. When he came back to Ben he said that there was no reason for him to stay now and that he wanted to learn the ways of the Jedi and come with him to Alderan. They went to a spaceport and found a man named Han Solo and his copilot wookie named Chewbacca. They started off for Alderan when three different imperial cruisers came for them. Han dodged this way and that to dodge the laser bolts. They escaped, made the calculations for hyperspace and jumped to light speed. When they were in hyperspace the Death Star destroyed the planet Alderan with their Super laser. When they reached Aldrean there was just a debris field to be found but no Alderan. They started chasing a Tie Fighter towards what looked like a small moon but really turned out to be a space station. When they tried to turn back a tractor beam had caught them and they couldn’t get out of it. They hid in smuggling compartments so they wouldn’t be found when boarded. They coaxed two stormtroopers on the Falcon and stunned them, took their suits and put them on and went into the station. R found out that the Princess was being held aboard the space station and that she needed to be rescued. Luke, Han, and Chewie went to save the Princess only to be trapped in the cellblock. They slid down a garbage shoot into a garbage compactor that started closing. Luke took his comlink and tried to call C-P0 but they were hiding in a closet. When C-P0 finally called them back they were just about to be crushed. Luke said, “Shut down all the garbage compactors on the detention level.” They were shut down and the door was opened. They all escaped their early death. Kenobi was at that moment shutting down the tractor beam so they could escape. Luke, Han, Leila, and Chewie went back to the ship only to see Darth Vader and Ben Kenobi fighting with their lightsabers. To let them go Ben let Darth Vader kill him. They escaped the space station and went back to the planet Yavin 4. The imperials had put a homing beacon on the Falcon and tracked them back to Yavin 4. The republic had to launch a full-scale attack on the Death Star to try to destroy it before it destroyed them. The fighters had to fly down a small trench and fire their Photon Torpedoes at a thermal exhaust port. After many failed attempts Luke flies down the trench in his X-Wing and destroys the Death Star. After returning back to Yavin they get rewarded and given medals for their heroism.

The End

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