Sunday, October 9, 2011

Superheroes are good role models for children.

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Superheroes are certainly good role models for our children. They promote active and creative games and pastimes. They influence children to always do the right thing. The qualities of friendship and loyalty are always held in high regard. Superheroes give children hope, a sense of security and someone to look up to whenever they feel they need to.

Superheroes provide good, old-fashioned fun in the form of active games. When you are young, nothing beats the fun of dressing up as your favourite superhero and fighting the baddies with your friends. Superhero cartoons and stories are a great part of growing up. They provide hours of active, helathy fun with pastimes and games. The escapist attitudes and ideas that superheroes can temporarily provide for young children is helpful in times of crisis or unhappiness. This suspension of reality is beneficial to enyone, both adults and children, as it is a wonderful vacation for the mind of the seriousness of the real world.

Superhero cartoons and stories influence children always to do the right thing. When watching a superhero cartoon one notices that by the end of they story, good has always triumphed over evil. Those who choose to do good alwyas win in the end. The predictability of such shows delivers an important message to the viewers always do the right thing. Children who regularly watch these cartoons are impacted with this message and are given a firm sense of right and wrong. When making decisions, children are more likely to refer back to the positive actions of their role-models and do likewise.

Superheroes give children hope and a sense of security. Whem a child beleives in superheroes, they feel that they are never truly alone. This can help them to face difficult times with more courage. For many children, the real world is a harsh one. The hope and reinforcement that superheroes can provide for them can give them much bravery. Superheroes can help all children to cope with personal problems because of the protected feeling that they provide.

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Superheroes make excellent role models as they provide children with a firm sense of right and wrong. They influence children to care for others. They also provide children with an uplifting sense of security. Superheroes can give a needy child hope and courage in times of crisis. They are excellent role models because of the way they instill positive values for the youth of today and provide emotional support and security in an uncertain world.

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