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What to Bring

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Camping out, it’s been done for thousands of years. It should be like second nature to us after all this time. But anymore a lot of thought has to into it. When preparing for a camping trip, many things have to considered. Know where you are going. Is it easily accessible? Are there any rules such as no open fires, no motorized vehicles, ect? Some basic things to have and don’t need repeating would include; a flashlight, lantern, first aid kit, can opener, knife and insect repellent. Let’s take a look at what some other things that should be on the packing list of some camping trips.

Motor home This is great for the novice camper. It has everything anyone could need for an enjoyable weekend out in the woods. Just remember to pack clothes and food. The only limits are what kind of space there is. There is already a stove to do the cooking. A bed is there and so is the shelter. All the utensils should already be in place. Fresh water is always a concern when camping. With a motor home there is a limited amount that is stored onboard unless there is a water hook up. Just point the motor home in the right direction and enjoy the woods.

Driving and camping Lots of people enjoy driving to their destination and camping in a tent. One thing to remember, “Keep it Simple Stupid” which is self explanatory. A very important item is the camp stove or a small grill and some gas for the grill or charcoal. A cooler with ice is also important so that the food stays nice and fresh. The amount of food that is brought is only limited by the size of the cooler. When driving, a tent can be large enough to stand in such as a four man tent. A large water cooler should be brought in case there is not a fresh water supply around. Bring the clothes that are need for the trip, if it’s winter bring lots of heavy clothes, if it’s summer bring shorts and light shirts. Always bring extra socks and shoes.

Hiking overnight Hiking is an excellent way to get away from it all. But what is on your back in a back pack is what is available for the night. It’s just one night so it can still have some of the larger items as any other trip. Bring a small pup tent with it’s own bag, most fit on top or under the back pack. Sleeping bags usually come with their own bags also. One change of clothes and extra socks is all that is needed for this trip. As with food, keep it simple. A chicken leg quarter, some chopped potatoes and carrots and onions wrapped in a foil pouch on a open fire, assuming it’s allowed, makes a great dinner.

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Hiking for more than two days Now is when there is a need for a light weight tent. Can you believe that there are tents that weight less than a pound now? There are also light weight sleeping bags. Food is now available in a light weight form. It’s called freeze dried. It’s a whole meal in a small pouch and all there is to it is to add hot water. They take up very little space and are really good.

This is just a brief overview of what someone needs to think about when going on a camping trip. One important thing to remember is to think ahead. Be prepared. When going on a trip, know where you are going and what is available. Hopefully this has given enough insight to have fun in the great out doors.

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