Thursday, November 17, 2011

Little Bighorn II

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Geronimo and the Chircahuas

Are uniting for the dance tonight

Biafra and the Mohicans

Ottawas and Mumia

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All the kids of the city

None helps you in this world

But its you that has to prepare

Cause the Indians of the citys prepare an attack

The Atztecs with their molotovs

And the Mayas with rotten eggs

Against Uncle Sam and his marines

We dance

We dance trough the streets

We dance the dance of the Sioux

We dance the pogo of the revenge

For 600 years of rape and unjustice

We dance against Columbus, dumbest man ever alive

Against Pizzaro, forefather of Bushs stupidity

Against all rich that don’t care about us

Against racial prejudice

And against war hungry politicians

We are invincibel

Cause we’re your future

And there’s nothing you can do against it

So dance with fury and with rage

Until we can dance all together

And have fun


A big insane theatre of shatterd dreams

Clowns in expensive suits

Dancing through the streets

Telling everyone how great they are

But when night comes

They sit at home

Kissing a wife good night

A wife who only married cause of the money

And they cry like soft mad children

That’s the american dream

Beyond the Staples Center you can see america

With it’s dieing poor and edging disgrace

Caught in a system where the rich get richer

And the poor get fucked over and out

That’s the american dream

And you can’t escape it

There it lies

The way to Belsen

Disapering in the distance

Screms are brought with the wind

Trains come rushing by

Endless trains

The horror which guides them

Can be felt in the foul smelling air

Hollow faces stare trough the doors

Eyes filled with suicidal thoughts

Children crying

Mother’s begging

And men doing nothing

No will to fight

The horror blocks their sight.

Today if you’re at the way to belsen

You can still hear the screams

And out of the distance, trains

Endless trains………

Wandering trough the darkness


lost in memories of how it used to be

remembring the vast glow

of the shallow neon lights

of a foren city

forgotten long ago

stumbling over the hillside

looking over the desert of my heart

crying screaming filled with pain

what has happend to all the people?

to all the old friends now underground

deep winter

the air is thick and unbreathable

at the horizon the sun is rising

but shes black and pale

my eyes are dry

lost the ability to cry

my mind is torn

my heart is black

and the need to destroy is getting stronger

destroy something beautiful

but beauty has vanished

I remember how it used to be

destructiv but beautiful

reborn every day

everything is gone

everything is black now


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