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Becoming a Woman

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The journey starts at the beginning of becoming a woman, my teenage years, and where my future would take me. I have been through a lot of obstacles in my life so far for being a twenty-one year old, but I still have a lot of journeys ahead of me. Being a woman is not always easy; in fact it involves a long process.

The journey starts of with the beginning of becoming a woman. It all started when my mother gave birth to me. When a girl is born she is dressed in pink, the epitome of girlhood. I am brought home from the hospital and soon enough I start talking, walking, and seeing clearly. I started preschool, which then led to the start of elementary school. I learned a lot of things in this period of life, which come into play for me in the future. I was taught how to share, read, and write, which is an important part of life. By sixth grade, instead of hating boys and thinking boys are unappealing, I started liking them and having crushes. Junior high was hard because I started coming into my own by expressing myself by clothing, attitude and by relationships. I had to stay up to date on the fashion and I started wanting to feel like a woman. Junior high was also hard for me because I had been picked on by some students. A lot of it started because students teased me about my appearance. This made me have low self-esteem.

The next part of my journey was my teenage years. High school was especially hard because I started making more adult decisions. I started hanging out with the wrong crowd and started doing drugs. A couple months later my parents put me in rehab. I learned from that experience and have grown from it. I got my live back on track and started having a sober life. I started having a lot of stress in my life, more than I was used to. In this point in my life every decision I made would result in my future and set the path in my life. I started experiencing a thing called love in high school, which made me understand how to love others and myself. I had low self esteem issues in high school which followed me from junior high. In the result of that, I had gotten surgeries that made me feel better about myself. Graduating from high school was a big deal to me because it showed me that I could accomplish things in my life and in return it gave me a status of my future. After high school I knew exactly what I wanted to do, which many people cannot figure out for many years. I guess I was ahead of the game. I moved out from my parent’s house and moved in with some of my girlfriends. This was where realty sets in because now I know that I am an adult, to which I have to support myself and make adult decisions. I enrolled myself into DeVry University, were I am majoring in Telecommunications management. This was one of the biggest decisions I have made in my life. I started DeVry knowing that this was where my future comes into play.

At this point in time I started thinking about where my future would take me. I plan to graduate from DeVry in the year 005 and I want to start getting myself out in the real world and start shaping my career. I see myself as a successful woman in the field of work I have chosen for myself. Like the saying goes “you can do anything you want if you put your mind to it,” which I have done so far because I have succeed in a lot of things in my life. After settling in my career I hope to have found that special someone which I will marry someday. Having children is something I plan on doing in my future and I am looking forward to it. By my sixties I plan to retire and live my life to the extent it takes me. I know that I cannot predict my future but I can have many plans, which are possible to accomplish. Who knows what the future holds for me. Are future is all what we make of it, which I have done and plan to do as days go by.

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Being a woman is not always easy. For me this process involves the beginning of becoming a woman, my teenage years, and where my future will take me. These are all important factors that I have come across in the process of becoming a woman.

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