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In The History of the Dividing Line the New England Puritans are placed above the Virginians for their industry, but blamed for their fanatical religion. The North Carolinians are placed below the Virginians for their religious indifference and the idleness of their men, yet admired for their fertility and freedom. Indian males are lazier and female Indians dirtier than North Carolinians, but the Indian religion is better than Carolinian indifference and Indian wives more innocent and faithful than white. Therefore, each group is ultimately viewed in a humorously balanced, though highly judgmental way, with neither civilized nor savage man conveying all good characteristics.

By using satire, William Byrd shows that not all of early American writings are weighted with conservative, puritan thought. However, the undertones of the religion are still seen in his writing. Edward Taylor’s writings show the shared values within his community of believers. In Huswifery he illustrates the seventeenth century Puritan emphasis on the soul of the individual. His opening line, Make mee, O Lord, thy Spinning Wheele compleat asks God to make him into a servant of God (85).

Early American literature, as seen in Bradstreet and Taylor’s poems, reflects their contemporary ideas on important subjects, serving as a means to understand the people who lived during these periods. Anne Bradstreet’s poetry reflects the religious passion, the plain style, and the focus on the individual soul, which was typical of seventeenth century American writing. Bradstreet shows the plain style of the Puritan writers in Upon the Burning of Our House In silent night when rest I took / For sorrow near I did not look (11). She simply says the night was silent, as opposed to an elaborate description of the night.

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