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Born to be good

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Born To Be Good

First of all to try to understand through the use of studies and experiments why

human beings are morally good, bad, or indifferent could, I do not believe, give any

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concrete evidence as to why we act the way we do. My position on this issue is that I

disagree with Celia Kitzinger, in that there is not two of us that are alike. I do not believe

to get together a group of psychologists and conduct sets of experiments to see how we

behave when placed in certain situations can be calculated as to make a true determination

of the morals of humans.

My thoughts are, that each one of us is born with a personality that is unique from any

one else on this earth, some of us are loud and obnoxious, from the minute we are born,

and others are just as quiet and sweet as can be. Yet any one of us can be good or bad,

put into certain situations and events. Weather we have the time to think about what

decisions we make before reacting, or only having time to react to a situation. What

stimulates our inner emotions to help someone in need? Our moral actions and obligations

let us know that it is right to help someone in need. To be able to help someone, gives me

a since of pleasure and accomplishment, and feeling good is what everyone wants. So

what makes good people good? I first would look at the hereditary traits of those who are

always doing something good for someone. Does everyone in the family possess this

demeanor to act admirably towards others in this manor? Or does this good spirit some

possess come from their up bringing, or it is instilled in us by our parents as we are taught

through out our early years of what is right and wrong. Could it be inner self esteem,

or just our nature, or the attitude at which we view life that makes good people?

One has to look into ones self to find the answers.

Born to be Good

An Assessment of

Born to be Good

I have tried to look at the different aspects of why the bad side of humans so much of

the time dominates over the good side of us. Why are we unable to get along with our

neighbors, or even our own families, and what motivating force drives us to the points of

unpredictable acts of violence. Moral values and the respect of human beings seem to fade

into the background when we become angry or let the bad out of us. I believe the level

that motivates us to cross over from being good to becoming bad, or indifferent is

dependent on several circumstances in which each one of us possess in our inner self.

What makes one person become violent if you were to look at them the wrong way, and

another could be yelled at and humiliated and not be bothered at all by it. Does this go

back to the environment that we grew up in, and the atmosphere in which we lived, or

can we say that its just our nature and that’s the way our DNA structured us to be? Is it

possible to predict the morality and behavior of people, and what motivates us to act the

way we do towards others? Some are leaders and some are followers, some are talkers

some are listeners, some are fast learners, others are slow, and each one with a different

set of moral standards in the way we choose to live our lives. Our personal traits that we

possess makes us totally unique from every other human being, in that no one thinks or

acts the same. There may be a common denominator in all of us that in certain situations

causes us to act or react the same way no matter where we live or our social status.

To look at the world we live in and how the human race has adapted itself to its

environment, and today’s technology that we have created, shows me that we are able to

adapt and change to the challenges of life, and that life itself motivates us. Some days to

be good, and other days to see things differently and be bad or indifferent towards others.

Born to be Good 4

An Assessment of

Born to be Good

To give my final thoughts on Cilia Kitzinger’s findings, I felt her points were well

presented, her experiments that were conducted were interesting, but I do not believe

any sound evidence was achieved as to what motivates us. Our moral behavior is different

in each individual, either weaker or stronger, and each of us is motivated by everything

around us differently, in which case we act differently to each situation we are faced with.

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