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Cataracts is a clouding of the natural lens, (the part of the eye in charge for focusing light and producing clear, sharp images.) The lens is enclosed in a sealed bag or capsule. As the old cells of the lens die they become trapped inside the capsule. After some time, the cells build up causing the lens to cloud, making images look blurred or fuzzy. Cataract can often result in blindness. For most people cataracts is a natural result of aging occurring usual in people over 55.

Cataracts are painless and often develop slowly sometimes it can be years before a patient knows of their condition. If only one eye develops a cataract, the patient may never experience symptoms, as long as you are able to see in the other eye.

The main symptoms of cataracts are

· Blurry or fuzzy sight

· Colours appear faded

· Frequent changes in prescription eyeglasses or contacts

· Poor night vision

· Sensitivity to bright sunlight or headlight glare at night

Surgery is the most effective way of removing a cataract. A Phacoemulsification is the most frequently used method to remove a cataract. A surgeon removes the cataract while leaving most of the outer layer (lens capsule) in place. The capsule helps support the lens implant when its inserted. During phacoemulsification, “phaco” for short, your surgeon makes a small incision, about millimetres, where the cornea meets the conjunctiva and inserts a needle-thin probe. The surgeon then uses the probe, which vibrates with ultrasound waves, to break up the cataract and suction out the fragments. The lens capsule is left in place to provide support for the lens implant.

Another method is an Extracapsular cataract extraction. In this procedure a larger incision around 10mm is needed, where the cornea and conjunctiva meet. Through this incision your surgeon opens the lens capsule, removes the nucleus in one piece and vacuums out the softer lens cortex, leaving the capsule shell in place.

When the cataract has been removed using the phacoemulsification or the extracapsular method, a clear artificial lens is placed into the empty lens capsule to replace the original clouded lens. The artificial lens is made of plastic, acrylic or silicone and becomes a permanent part of your eye after the surgery.

The causes of cataracts aren’t entirely known, but some risk factors include Ultraviolet Radiation (UVA or UVB), Smoking, Alcohol, Medical Disorders or Physical Injury to the eye.

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