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We all want to look good; it’s a simple fact of human nature. Many women and young girls believe that beauty is born, but they are not made. Real beauties are born, but there are few and far between. Most people already have beautiful features or traits, but they are hiding and need a little work to bring them out into the open for everyone to see, and this is where cosmetology, the study of cosmetics, comes in play.

Hair plays an important part in a persons appearance. There are different kinds of hair such as oily hair, dry hair, and damaged hair, and they all require different kinds of treatment. Some experts believe that excessive shampooing actually stimulates the oil glands, especially if the water is too hot, but oily hair needs frequent shampooing. Use shampoo especially formulated for your type of hair, and if necessary finish with a light oil-free conditioner. Dry hair has the tendency to become brittle, flyaway, and lifeless, so dry hair needs less shampooing than other types. Use mild shampoos created just for your hair type, and use a richer cream rinse that is normally recommended for normal hair. You may want to restrict your washes to two or three times a week. Putting a lot of permanents, hair color, and being exposed to lots of sun, wind, and cold can damage your hair, so that your hair needs special pampering, and loving care. Conditioning treatments are a must for damaged hair and should be incorporated into your regular beauty routine. Damaged hair can benefit greatly from the application of oil two or three times a year. Mineral oil or a nonpungent vegetable oil will help damaged hair. If hair is treated and taken care of correctly it can add greatly to a person’s appearance.

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Skin is like your personal banner, it is what people see first when they look at you. It tells the world who you are, this is why you should keep your skin looking young and clean. To keep your skin looking young, you must keep your dermis (dense layer of connective tissue, your true skin) full, soft, and elastic, and also keep your epidermis, outermost layer of the skin, smooth and moist. The outermost layer of the epidermis normally protects human skin against the loss of moisture. When too much moisture escapes, skin becomes red, dry, and irritated. Water is one of the substances that can soften skin naturally. The human skin is most comfortable, smooth, and heathy when its outer layers are about ten to twenty percent water. The most effective way to deal with dry skin is at the surface of the skin itself. Apply moisturizer penetrates deeper and more easily. Avoid thin, watery products if skin is very dry. Some ways to beat dry skin are to avoid strong winds, don’s use harsh soaps and detergents, and wear soft, smooth, and silky clothes. No dry skin product will work unless you apply it often. Use mild or gentle soaps. Soaps that rinse after washing. If you would like for people to be able to know you are clean and healthy, keep your skin clean.

The importance of cosmetology is important to the human body. Everyone needs to know how to take care of them self and how to be healthy. Cosmetology is an important part of human life.

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