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Functinon of Management

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Function of Management

In every organization there is a manager, somebody that runs the whole show, but what does a manager really do? A manager is a person that has the ability to handle, control and accomplished a task. In this paper I will be addressing the job of a manager and the four functions of management, which are Planning, Organization, Leading, and Controlling. Applying these functions can make your organization a successful one.

The first function is planning, which is the first step to reach a goal. In this step you develop rules and procedures, to gain a prospective of the out come of the task. Just as in every organization we need a plan, a course of action something we can go by and stand by to be successful. You can use planning in every aspect of your daily life like, planning your time, planning a pregnancy or planning a project. Planning is the base of every goal you set for your self.

The second function is organizing, these step consist in identifying who does what, and by when. Basically is to form into a complete and functional structure. Every thing has its structure, when the base is strong the structure can stand tall for a long time. Like a building, first you have a plan, then you have the frame of the structure and then you can put the walls. This is how an organization works, and it can be use in many places, like organizing an event, to organizing your house.

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Leading plays the role of a coach, giving its followers a since of enthusiasm by showing the way to success and keeping the finish line in mind. Leading is to manage your people in many different ways like, in case of conflicts, give them positive feedback and having a strong communication. A leader is always attending to their people’s needs, which is what makes a great leader.

Controlling is the last function of a management, it consist of comparing the presentation with the principles, and then regulating if necessary. It is important to reach your goals but the important part is how you get there. When a task is at hand it is important to see the mistakes you have made in the past in order to make correction for future advice. When you set your standards low, the out come of the task might turn out to be disappointing.

Management has many responsibilities but it can be a life learning development that grows through time. What makes a management great is the influence it has on it’s people, the communication and the relationship plays a role when it comes to getting the job done. If we follow the four functions of management, you are sure to achieve the goal on time and with satisfaction. When a project is assigned to us we would be using the management function to help us reach the goal and finish the task in time and with satisfaction.

In a summary the management process consists of steps that helps you become a successful manager, with every task in hand you need to plan, organize, lead, and be able to control any problem arriving from the task. After reading these paper I can understand why my boss is never in one place, going here and going there can be a pain but it comes with the job.

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