Thursday, December 22, 2011

Going to Class when attendence is not required

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In this dot-com era, college students have been attending classes less and less due to the progressing interest in the internet. It is imperative that students obtain the ethical stamina, to get in the routine of attending class regardless of the circumstances.

Many professors put their lecture notes online making the student feel they don’t need to attend. There has always been temptation on college campuses, but with classes notes being online, students are seduced into the skipping class, and an unneeded stressful struggle through college. Although, colleges offer many appealing classes’ students usually skip the less desirable required courses. Classes just don’t seem to hold the same appeal that the activities on campus do.

Many college students lack the self control it takes to study and go to class, creating a big problem for their parents who, in my experience, usually pay the bill. Many college students barely pass their classes, or struggle immensely through classes, that they normally wouldn’t if they attended on a regular basis. Students need to take responsibility for themselves and attend class, because if they don’t it, is no ones fault, but their own. Attending class is an important routine to get into while in college. Attendance matters, and just because everything is available online does not mean you don’t need to go.

Going to class, offers a student the opportunity to learn in three different ways. You can learn by reading, writing, and hearing the material. Not all people learn the same so just because someone you know skimmed the book and got an A doesn’t mean you can do that, you may need to hear the material as well, to understand the contents.

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By missing even one day of class you can greatly reduce the amount of information retained. College classes move at a much faster rate than high school courses, making it harder to keep up with the curriculum. If you have homework for a class, often times, it is due whether you are present or not, so being absent doesn’t pay off the way it did in high school. It might also be hard to do homework if you were absent, due to the fact you were not present to hear the information from the lesson.

In class you can ask questions, but if you are never there you won’t be lucky enough to have that opportunity. Often times you won’t have friends in your classes to help you, so in turn the only option is to struggle through the book work on your own.

When you attend classes that don’t require attendance, you show initiative and ambition to learn. If a teacher sees you showing effort to learn, they are more likely to help you with the things you don’t understand.

Not all professors test directly from the text book so, by being in class you will most likely be more prepared than if you didn’t attend class regularly.

You have nothing to lose by going to class, but you have a lot to lose if you don’t. Your paying a lot of money to go to school so you might as well go. After all that is why your at the school to begin with.

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