Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My Life

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The Years I Will Never Forget

When one attends school, there are different kinds of students that can be classified. There are nerds, who’ll ask the teacher if they have any assignments to do. Talk machines, who’ll keep on talking even while the teacher is trying to say something important. Sleepy heads, who’ll keep sleeping until the class is over and ask the other classmates what happened during class or if the teacher noticed him or her asleep and so on. When I was in high school, there were about six different groups. The Asian girls’ group, the Asian boys’ group, the Indian Mafia group, the “player” group, the snob group, and the Christian group.

The Asian girls’ group was the most isolated group from our class. They would talk their native language all the time even during class. The teacher would get annoyed at them because he or she didn’t understand what they were talking about. That is why the Asian girls never improved their English skills.

The Asian boys’ group on the other hand mingled with the other classmates. They would perform some martial art tricks they saw on the cartoon, like Dragon Ball. The Asian boys had thin eyes so they would sleep during class sitting up. When you look from a distance, they seem like they’re paying attention to the teacher, but if you look closely, they’re sleeping. Sometimes they would draw eyeballs on top on their eyelid to show that they’re awake. What amazed me was that they flip pages while they’re asleep.

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The players group was the lamest group in our class. They would have a speaker attached to their CD player and make the volume real loud so that the whole hallway was loud. They would stand around the hallway and check out some girls. Even though they see the same girls every single day. Mentally, they were shy to talk to girls. The whole high school year, they never talked to girls, or made girlfriends. They even made an excuse that the players’ group boys were too good for the girls who went to our school.

The Indian Mafia group was the most hilarious group. They would always come to school with either suits or loose clothes on. When they have loosed clothes on, they would talk and act like a thug. The Indians will limp like a penguin, and whenever they talk to girls, they would give the girls sexy looks. Whenever one of our classmates asks how they’re doing, the only thing they say is, “just chillin’ with my homies.” They would practically copy the players group. Also, when they had suits on, they would gather up all together like the Mafia, then during lunchtime would pick whom the godfather is for that day and talk about how their Indian shop on gate street is coming through. Like if they had decent number of customers or if they ordered a lot of clothes from the states.

The snob groups only included three girls. They would always dress against the dress code. We had a dress code that you’re not allowed to wear any shirt that’ll show your shoulders and may not wear any short pants or skirts that’ll come up three inches above you’re knee, and so on. On the first day of school, they wore decent clothes like short pants that went about an inch lower than their knee, but by the end of the school year, they had the same short pants about four inches above their knee. Between our class rumors, they were cutting off half a inch every month so that they wouldn’t get caught. The teachers and even the principal never thought about it.

Last but not least, the Christian group was always praying. The Christian group would pray before every class, before they ate and after the bell rang. They sometimes prayed individually, but most of the time, they would all get into a group, hold hands and pray out loud. Because my high school was a Christian school, we were taught not to bother people when they were praying. So, every class period, the other classmates had to stand outside and wait until the Christian group finished praying. Our teacher joined them, too.

My high school was one of the small schools, but it was full of laughter and joy. The high school had different kind of groups, but they all had their own responsibilities of being in these groups and accomplished it well. I will never forget my high school years no matter how old I become.

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