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Organizational Behavior Importance

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Organizational behavior plays a vital role in the success of high-performing organizations that want to thrive in today’s business environment. With a suitable plan in place everyone in the organization can see and manage their work as part of a whole, rather than one in a group of parts and pieces. With this feeling of unity employees are trusted and treat each as responsible, kind, and dedicated peers. In turn, this is has a direct effect on how they behave. As employees learn to trust each other, teams can be formed and become more flexible and responsive to one another, resulting in many personal opportunities.

With a steady and sound organizational behavior plan, commitment and energy levels can soar amongst employees. Everyone can focus on the needs of the organizations success, as opposed to the internal red tape that might be taking place and causing distraction. As employees feel that they have more control over their work, their confidences and leadership abilities are enhanced.

The role that each company’s organizational behavior plays is dependant on each organizations vision and values, goals and priorities, skills and experience levels, culture, and team effectiveness. Each of these aspects is different for any given company. However, the overall shape and characteristics of the organizational structure is become ever apparent as organizations strive to compete and succeed in the marketplace. Customer and market focus appear to be a major focus as well as building a team-based environment. Maintaining continuity with a customer is essential, despite the face that team members may come and go as needed. In addition, learning how to partner with other teams and/or organizations is quickly becoming a very important performance skill.

The underlying problem to organizational behavior plans becoming a success is the fact that management cannot decide and commit to what direction to take that will be most effective for the business. They have a hard time ascertaining the differences between hard and soft skills and how they contribute to this success. They are aware that an extensive amount of involvement, participation, and self-sufficiency are key elements. However, management still yearns for an organized, predictable, and highly controlled environment. They continue to search for a plan that can incorporate the soft skills without loosing control of the hard skills. It is easy for management to see the results of the hard skills on paper, but difficult for them to acknowledge that the soft skills are directly attributed to the success of the hard skills. Without acknowledging this, employees feel alienated and helpless.

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Organizational management, henceforth, is a vital ingredient in the development of the workforce. Employees need reassurance that their soft skills are as important as their hard skills. Employees need to know how and where they fit into the big picture and how they contribute to serving the needs of the business on both levels. A consequence of this not happening is that employees will feel that they have no control over the work process. Without feeling that they are contributing to the success of a business, effectiveness, efficiency, and production will falter. Employees do not want to feel as if they are merely robots in a methodically operated system.

Structure is a very powerful shaper of behavior. If management is not happy with the behavior or people in their organization, they need to take a closer look at the system in place and the structure they are working in. If employees are behaving like bureaucrats, then chances are they are working in a bureaucracy. If employees are not focused on the customer, then perhaps they are working in a structure that is not customer oriented. If employees are not innovative, then they might just be working in an environment that is inflexible and controlled. If employees are resisting change, the organization possibly might not value growth and development. Management needs to realize that employees will behave in the environment that is presented to them.

This is why organizational behavior is so important in the workforce. It can either limit or liberate the performance potential of an organization. The search for that ideal structure and being able to alter that structure as needed to meet changes is essential and crucial to any organization.

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