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people who have dyslexia

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People who have Dyslexia

Have you know students that have been stereotype as being lazy or intelligent? These type of students have disability without them realizing. Many students are diagnose with learning disability each year. One particular disability is Dyslexia also known as Mother of Learning Disability. The dyslexia means “dy” means difficulty and the” lexis” means meaning words. According to the World of Dyslexia Network Foundation, it is estimates that dyslexia effects 4% of the population severely and 6% show signs of dyslexia. This disability effects the student reading ability to connect letters with the sound they make and putting the words together. Dyslexia is a disability that students need to work at.

Many people with dyslexia demonstrate many characteristics that demonstrate that they do have dyslexia. The characteristics consist of jumping letters/-confusing words. People with dyslexia also have difficult with certain task regular children do not have difficulty. Some of these difficulties are learning the alphabet, trouble associating letters with sounds, difficulty playing rhyming games or predicting the next word in a familiar rhyming picture book, confusing simple words like cat and bat, making error with numbers, misplacing personal items such as keys, confusing dates and missing data, confusing right from left, and finding difficulties and mispronunciation of long words.(World Dyslexia World Foundation 1) Many who have dyslexia have a great deal of confusing and taking the information this is why they have difficult in performing certain tasks. They usually have problem in math, auditory processing, organization skills, and memory. (Over coming , Fortune). People with dyslexia usually do not over come all their problems of difficulty; they learn to manage.

Student with dyslexia are usually diagnosed with in the third grade but in some family parents are able to catch the disability at an early age. According to the article “Help For Dyslexic Kids”, it states the dyslexia runs in the family. Therefore, parents who have dyslexia in their family can easily detect it and may help their child to find help.

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There are many things a teacher can do to help a student who is dyslexic. In the book the GIFT of Dyslexia Ronald Davis gives many strategies to help students with dyslexia. On solution is a procedure called Davis Orientation Counseling. It teaches students with dyslexic a technique for terminating or turning off disorientation. The student is taught how to eliminate the multiple perceptions, which will allow him to experience consistent, undistorted viewpoint whenever he wishes. The final result will be students will be able to perceive what is correctly written on the page.

Another solution gives in the GIFT of Dyslexia is Symbol Mastery. This consists of having the ability to think with trigger words to eliminate disorientation. Student need to form mental pictures they use to think and associate these pictures visually and auditory

A third solution is to use creativity. Having creativity allows the student to find the material interesting since this will help the student learn more quickly. For example, a dyslexia student will create a mental picture that accurately shows the meaning. A student can create clay models that illustrate the words like prepositions.

Some accommodations demonstrated in the GIFT of Dyslexia for the students are Spelling Reading, the Procedure, Sweep Sweep Spell, and Picture Punctuation. Spelling Reading consist of training students in left and right eye movement in reading and teaching student to recognize letters groups as works. The Procedure consists of training student’s brain and eyes to scan from left to right while reading. This also needs to be done slowly and calmly. The Sweep Sweep Spell consists of training in left- right eye movement and word recognition. The student needs to identify the word and if he/she cannot then that person can skip the word at the end the teacher/teacher assistant can tell the student the word. The last accommodation is Picture Punctuations. It consists for student to adapt comprehension. The teacher needs to point to the punctuation mark where students should stop and form a mental picture. Punctuation like periods, exclamation, commas, and dashes may be used. For example, the teacher can ask the student to stop after reading a sentence and ask what the students see.

There are many students that have dyslexia. The problem is not having dyslexia but to find ways to improve your skills to help the person improve. Student need to find help to help them improve with their reading ability as well as other problems they are having problem with. With help students can live be successful and live normal lives.

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