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Scarlet Letter and sin

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Sin has been present in the world since the beginning of man. Many cultures have punished sin differently. There is no clear-cut way to punish someone who sinned. The cultures, throughout history, have found ways to punish sinners, either by execution, branding a symbol on the culprit, throwing the culprit in jail, or forcing them into a solitary lifestyle. The Puritan culture would normally have stoned Hester once they found out she had committed adultery, but they decide to mark her with a letter, because of special circumstances involving her sin, to represent her sin. The scarlet letter performs its duty by exposing her secret sin to the community.

Hester’s society alienates her because of the symbol that the scarlet letter stands for. The scarlet letter alienates Hester from the society because it makes her different from the rest of them. The scarlet letter also makes her stand out enough that it seems to take “her out of the ordinary relations with [others], and inclos[es] her in a sphere by herself” (45). By having the letter having to be consistently shown to the public she is pushed away from all social groups, because she symbolizes evil through the letter. The community forces Hester to “show [her] scarlet letter” to the people in the market place so that she can not feel comfortable with her surroundings (45). The letter performs the duty to alienate her because no one wants to associate with someone considered evil.

Hester becomes the town’s example of sin and guilt because she can not stay hidden from the society. The letter alienating her is a cause for why she can not hide from society. The speeches in the town consist of how Hester is an example of evil, and how “she will be a living sermon against sin” through her punishment of wearing the letter (5). Whenever someone, not of the community, sees the letter, that person does not think what the letter means; they think of how Hester got the letter. The letter is “meant for no other purpose” but to show the world her sin (66). This in turn does not let her conceal the sin because everyone sees the letter and knows what the letter means or just stare at Hester. The staring at Hester seems to ripple through crowds and Hester feels like the whole crowd’s eyes are on the letter. The letter prevents the concealing of Hester’s sin.

The A is more than just a letter that Hester must wear; it acts like a spiritual and physical cleanser on Hester by removing the potential to sin and reminding her of the old sin. Hester’s alienation because of the letter creates a physical burden on her. Hester felt relief as she felt the “burden of shame and anguish” float away from her (177-178). The burden that the letter puts on her links to the alienation from her public exposure. The letter not only creates a burden on her but it removes her sexuality by having “her rich and luxuriant hair… hidden” (14). The removal of her sexuality and the creation of her burden remove her ability to sin because she no longer feels the need for passion, without her sexuality. The letter even changed how Hester’s mind worked. The letter influenced her mind “in a great measure… [by] passion and feeling” being crushed under her burden and loss of sexuality and changing it to thought (14). With her loss of the potential to sin and being reminded of her sin, Hester has to change her life to cope with the letter which pulls Hester out of the norm of society.

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The Puritan society can see how Hester’s sin, through its exposure by the scarlet letter, has had an affect of changing Hester because of the letter’s initial duty. The cultures with different ways of punishing sin all have an affect on the sinner, either it is death, lifestyle changed, or making the person a criminal in the society. Hester’s scarlet letter is no different then the other punishments; the other punishments all have a certain duty they are meant to complete. With Hester, it is suppose to place her upon a pedestal for society to look at her and see sin.

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