Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Dream

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The Dream

The dream was horrible, scary and it was becoming reality. It was early Saturday morning and I woke in sweats, my hands and legs were trembling and my face was sticky and wet from tears. My eyes were sore and swollen. I was having flashes of my dream but could not recall everything. I could remember a funeral, a hospital, crying. But who died and why!

I rested my head on my pillow but every time my eyes closed those terrible feelings and images re-appeared. There was no use trying to fall asleep now, so I got up and went downstairs. Time passed and eventually the dream became just a vague memory. It was not for a very long time, before I had ever thought about it again. Life was perfect, I had no problems.

Life took a sudden turn. One evening while having dinner, I suddenly felt dizzy and collapsed to the floor. I could hear everyone frantic behavior, my name being yelled out. But I was unable to awake. I was rushed to the hospital. I woke shortly after arriving at the hospital and was kept under close observation for several days. I was eventually diagnosed with leukemia. They said it was too late for any treatment as the cancer had been detected too late. They bluntly told me and my family that I had four months to live. I still recall the numb feeling in my body, once I was told I was going to die. They dismissed it like it is something people are happy to hear.

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My family was distraught, constantly crying, all I can remember feeling was fear. Why me, it couldn’t have been my time to go, I had not accomplished anything in my life, my life had no meaning. I then recalled the dream I had. I was like a dajavu.

One night while lying wide awake in bed, I was thinking. A sudden flash of light brightened up my whole room. There stood a girl who looked about my age. She glowed and was so beautiful. She told me she was an Angel sent to help me. She said I was a calling from God as he needed me in heaven. I told her I was not ready to leave my family. She pronounced God would help them through and that I should tell them that I loved them, to tell them you had no regrets and to say my last goodbyes. I had to tell them I was going to a better place. Then the girl disappeared and the room darkened once again. I lay there in disbelief at what I had just witnessed. I knew my life had a meaning that would become known to me in heaven. I knew I would be safe. From that moment my fear disappeared and all I knew was my aim was to help my family accept my death.

At that time I was quite ill and weak. I called upon my family. I talked to each one of them individually. Telling them how much I loved them and how I was not scared to die as I knew I would be going to a better place and that one day we would meet again. It was the hardest thing I ever had to do. Saying Goodbye, when it is for good. The hardest person to say good bye to was my mum, she was more like a best friend to me. I told her about my encounter with the Angel, I lay in he arms for hours just crying and talking to her. I told her I would always be with her.

I was in the hospital, on my death bed. Everyone was gathered around me and as I looked around at everyone faces I cold see their hurt but I could also see that they were proud of me. This gave me a sense of relief and closure. My mum kissed me on the forehead and I whispered I love you. My eyes shut and I never awoke. The last sound I heard was the Beep, Beep of the machine.

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