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Time Management

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Article Summary

Stanley, TL. “Time Bandits Are at the Door.” SuperVision 6.(00)10-1.

Time, this author states, is our most precious resource. To be most productive, managers should manage their time wisely.

The author suggests we keep a “time log” to analyze how we spend our time and that we delegate tasks when possible. By setting priorities, we get the most important tasks completed. Removing clutter and creating an organized filing system eliminates distractions. Standing during meetings keeps them short. Skimming articles can actually help emphasize the most important content.

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Two questions to consider are, “What will be the most common and predictable distractions for you when completing your school work?” and, “What will you do to control these distractions?”

In my own business, I am faced with all of the struggles identified in the article, such as handling hundreds of e-mails a day. A useful strategy is to have certain times of day to handle tasks like returning phone calls and responding to e-mail.

While this article breaks no new ground, it offers a thorough review of the conventional wisdom in time management. It’s worth reading if you have the time… or, I should say, if you don’t.

Now, my contrarian view. I think time managment is, in a word, bogus.

There is no such thing as time management. You cant manage time. Begin with a bogus topic, and its not surprising that youll find much nonsense.

My biggest complaint about the article I already implied subtly in my review. I said it was a thorough review of the conventional wisdom in the field. I rarely if ever care much for any conventional wisdom, whatever the topic. Im a contrarian by nature.

Whether you like or dislike conventional wisdom, I was disapppointed that the author in my opinion brought nothing fresh to the discussion. Of course, theres nothing new under the sun, but a good author or good speaker always brings some unique perspective, some fresh angle on the old stuff. This author didnt. He was identified as a freelance author at the bottom, and it seems obvious to me that hes not an expert in the field of time management and likely doesnt even care about it.

I suspect this author was asked to write or offered to write the article and he collected his check. Yes, he did his research and repeated what he found. Hes a writer, not an expert, and hell never make the big money because he has not discovered his uniqueness. Hell write about anything for anybody, content to be a journeyman scribe at 50 cents a word.

I dont practice much if any of the standard time management advice, and I doubt that many truly successful people do. Time management techniques are for middle managers. I want to be CEO.

Any expert who observed my day would no doubt identify much wasted time. Still, I think my accomplishments compare favorably to those of most others I know. I was named Most Likely to Recede in high school and even managed to date The Girl Most Likely To. What, then, works for me?

1) Focus. Most people who say they want something arent really serious about it, and they dont do what it takes. If you do whatever it takes, you can have whatever you want.

I never asked Julia Roberts to marry me. I thought I wasnt handsome enough. Look at the guy she married... Lyle Lovett!! I could slap myself. I learned my lesson.

You DONT achieve what you want by reducing minutes in your schedule. You achieve big things by chasing them with relentless passion at odd hours.

Most dentists constantly try to cut overhead by finding cheaper cotton rolls. Theyd make far more money by focusing on revenue rather than costs. It seems to be human nature to obsess about small, controllable things... like what youre spending on dental supplies or how youre doing with time management.

Be prosperity focused instead; have a mentality of abundance. Tip big.

) Flexibility.

Do whatever youre doing each day with passion. And if youre not passionate about what you do, find something to be passionate about. Its okay if something comes up and you cant do what you had wanted or planned to do. Accomplish the interruption with passion.

Things come up. Get them done when they do. Dont put if off until a special time you have reserved for interruptions. Do it now. Just get it done, then move on to the next thing.

) Find. Motivational speaker Jim Rohn says that formal education will make you a living. Self-education will make you a fortune.

I like all kinds of education, which is why Im in this program. But I dont rely on this school or any other to teach me pasively. Listen to business tapes in the car and read voraciously.

Steve Jobs never went to college. Bill Gates dropped out. Well no doubt be studying them as case histories.

Certainly, I save every minute I can (e.g., my dry cleaning is picked up by Dry Cleaning At Your Door, I have bills charged automatically to my credit card, I download my credit card statements directly into Quicken, I pay to have things assembled and delivered, etc.). Outsource everything you can.

Time management is the wrong topic. Its for small-minded people. What do you really want? What will it take to get it? Those are much more important and serious questions.

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