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Aluminium Smeltering in malaysia

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Going down

Surprise! Women like receiving oral sex (almost) as much as men do.

By Virginia Vitzthum

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May 0, 000 | A few weeks ago in this space, Dylan Edwards extolled the virtues of snacking. His message to my gender We love eating you out, so lie back and let us. Not fighting words, no, but nevertheless only one side of the oral issue. For balance, I asked a small sample of women to weigh in, to provide the vox snax. As usual, its not as easy for women to get there. Oral-sex questions got us talking about power, the G spot, love, masturbation, trust, types of orgasm, reciprocity, food and the movie Run Lola Run. All we agreed on is that we fully support Edwards position.

In fact, Edwards and his friends seem too good to be true. They are in favor of the oral-sex component thats lacking from our Frankenboyfriends and Frankenhusbands. Did these guys burst full grown from Eve Enslers, um, forehead, never once thinking it was gross, or at least obligatory?

Memories of hearing for the first time that people put their open mouths on either kind of genitalia were disturbing to most of my interviewees. I remember my first friend to get eaten out telling a rapt audience of 14-year-old girls that it felt great, but when he kisses you afterwards, you taste it. We all squealed in horror.

We got over it. My sample (10 ladies ages 8 to 45, interviewed orally or by e-mail) cant imagine sex without giving and getting head. And despite what the male doctor in Edwards article says, we havent generated negative stories about our pussies just because theyre neatly tucked away. Weve squatted over the mirror and we were not overcome by penis envy or hysteria or existential terror of the swampy void. Were happy but realistic about the groceries we sit upon.

Edwards rightly acknowledges longtime misogyny when he urges women to overcome outdated ideas of their own bodies. But even vagino-positive womyn dont need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows. Were the ones who go through childbirth and get yeast infections and bleed for five days without dying. Lets face it, it can get funky down there. Wed probably worry about freshness even without those TV ads.

Men, it seems, are less finicky than women, and we snacks couldnt be happier. Peaches writes that guys did it during my period, even after I warned them they should avoid the area! It must be a macho thing in some way. Most of the others have been snacked on while on the rag (a practice known in some circles as Buffalo winging), with Little Debbie an adamant exception. She needs to be recently bathed to let a guy go down, though nobodys ever disparaged her smell or taste.

Strawberry was one of the only interviewees to have had hygiene guidelines imposed on her. Her college boyfriend would only eat me right after I showered, she writes, and once wed screwed, I was inedible until my next shower. I teased him that hed prefer me boiled for complete sterilization, which became our shorthand Are you boiled? Its safe, Im boiled.



















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