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Frankenstein � Moral Science

With the cloning of life forms and genetic engineering now common place, the question of the morality of the actions of Dr Frankenstein is now more important than ever. Perhaps the novel Frankenstein contains lessons that can be applied in today’s technologically advanced society.

It was Dr Victor Frankenstein’s’ opinion that it was morally acceptable to give life to his creation. Frankenstein was very interested in chemistry, however was somewhat of an innovative scientist perhaps before his time. Thus, decided to have his laboratory secluded and closed to visitors to protect his work from the critical judgement of society. By finding the secret to activating dead flesh and experimenting with it’s reconstruction Dr Frankenstein created a ‘human’ composed of rotting corpses he found in cemeteries. Although written in the 1th century, it was generally accepted by society that this practise of scientific research was unacceptable and unthinkable within their town. This opinion was reinforced when Frankenstein’s creation was rejected by society and shunned by humans after his escape from his lab.

Unfortunately too late, Frankenstein realised the error in his thinking and saw that when faced with the prospect of creating yet another ‘human’ that a greater and more horrible result would have occurred. Even though Frankenstein began his work for the good of man, his experiment ended up hurting himself, his family and society.

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In the 1st century science is once again being faced with the same unacceptable and unthinkable practises according to various members of today’s society. What was once science fiction is fast becoming a reality and begs the question How far is too far? As science has shown, vast benefits have come from genetically modified foods and plants and have made a large impact on countries and communities that are in need of food and crops. But science has also shown that the possibility of human genetic engineering and cloning is not far away. These concepts of scientific technology have the capacity to do wonderful things for science and the human race. Issues such as curing diseases, increasing quality of life and increasing communities sustainability are all wonderful things, however one has to wonder what will happen if this technology ends up in the wrong hands. The consequences could be tremendous. So the moral of the story of Frankenstein seems to be that some aspects of science need to be left to mother nature and that society dictates a large ethical consequence to scientific study that is not in accordance with current values that society holds.

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