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Gattaca- Jerome and Vincint

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Made men in the world of Gattaca are taught from the beginning of their lives what they have been designed to achieve, they know their expectations and they know their limitations. Between these two constants they are given no chance to dream about what they want to do and what may be possible, only what they can do and what is possible.

By meeting Vincent, the invalid with clear ambitions and goals, none of which are though possible “from a young age I came to think of myself as others thought of me, chronically ill,” Jerome is given the chance to experience something new and different, the ability to dream about what could be. He shares all facets of Vincent’s transformation into a valid and into achieving his dream. It is unlikely that a valid, would ever feel such a sense of achievement from going against the norm in the hope of doing something thought impossible, however Jerome did get the chance to experience this achievement through Vincent’s dream. It is the chance to experience something rare and different that makes Jerome think that he “got the better end of the deal”.

After coming second in the swimming race Jerome gave up all he had achieved, feeling his life was useless and not worth living for. This lack of motivation was brought about by his upbringing in Gattaca, where he was told that due to his score of “.” he was able to achieve anything, he was not taught about coming somewhere other than first “Jerome Morrow was never meant to be one step down on the podium”. His experience with Vincent taught the dejected valid that first wasn’t everything, and that by working towards something, instead of having it given to you, you are provided with a greater sense of achievement and gratification. It is this new outlook on life that makes Jerome think he “got the better end of the deal”.

Like Jerome, Vincent also benefited from the meeting of the two very different people, one being a “made child”, the other being a “god child”. Vincent was giving the chance to use a “borrowed ladder” to achieve his dreams. Vincent, a very self-centred character, intent on achieving his ambition of travelling into space, “how will this effect the mission?” did not particularly recognize all the effort put into achieving his dream by Jerome. He did not appear to particularly care about Jerome, and what he was feeling, and would therefore have felt that he “got the better end of the deal”. Although both Jerome and Vincent were involved in the swapping of identities, it is Jerome, who once disliked the idea, who in the end, most values the hard work that has been done. After a small glitch in the plan Vincent is willing to literally flush all of their hard work down the toilet, it is Jerome that stops him, claiming, “I put too much into this”.

Both characters benefited equally from each other’s presence. They used each other to experience new things, and learn about themselves, and their place in the world of Gattaca. Without Jerome, Vincent would never have been able to see the inside of a space ship without “cleaning it”. Likewise, Jerome’s life would have been full of suffering and self-dejection due to his “burden of perfection”, had he not met Vincent.

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