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Huck Finn

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In, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Huckleberry’s relationship with his father is not a very stable one. Huck’s father does not want him to persevere with his education and sophistication since he himself does not have very much of the two. As a result of his insecurities, he takes his dissatisfaction with himself out on Huckleberry.

The beginning of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, is much like the end of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, Huck became rich and began to live with the Widow. The Widow wanted Huck to be more adapted to her world, so she started to civilize him. As Huck was starting to modify, his spiteful father kidnapped him, which caused the Widow’s work to be made vain. His father does not want Huck to exceed his-own adequacy believing a child should not be better than the parent. He makes sure that Huck does not progress in his schooling by locking him up in their cabin, making him the only one for Huck to depend on.

Huck and his father’s relationship shows the opposite of what most father-son relationships are, most fathers want the best life possible for their sons, not Huck’s father. He wants his son to accomplish little in life and to be equivalent to him in education, manners, and language. While at the Widow’s Huck learned not to curse and to enjoy school but once his father got a hold of him, Huck once again cursed and did not go to school. Huck then realized he did not want to be like his father and decided to leave. Their relationship explains why Huck the way he is and how he is able to manage the situations he gets himself into.

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If his father had not treated him the way he had, Huck would have never wanted to leave. But with the little knowledge he gained while in school, Huck was able to outwit his father while he was intoxicated and dangerous. Growing tired of the life he lead with his father, he escaped. Huck had no reservations about leaving his father, he just knew he had to get out of there. If he had not he could have had faced death living with his father.

Huck did not leave his father without any knowledge, without knowing it his father taught him to handle rough situations. This made his very much prepared for his audacious expedition along the Mississippi River. With his preparations, Huck was able to escape from many tricky circumstances. He also learned that he could depend on himself, not only on his elders. Blindly his father helped him to grow as a person, rather than stopping him as he planed.

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