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They also got discriminated against because of their physical appearences.

The immigrants that were mostly discriminated were the chinese. Besides being

discriminated the chinese also suffered exploitation. Since the Chinese immigrants were

the most different in appearance with their longer slanted eyes and browner skin color

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they were discriminated against more than others. They were also denied jobs if not they

would get much less than minimum wage. The immigrants that were the least

discriminated were the Itlaians. They had a better possibility than the rest of the


Immigrants also got discriminated against because of the work depression that was

going on. Soon enough the Americans already living here started to notice that all the

immigrants that were coming were taking all the jobs available. This made them a little

scared. They thought that if immigrants kept on coming to America soon the people

already here wouldnt have anymore jobs. Since the chinese were the most noticable they

decided to exclude them from the country. On May 188 the Chinese Exclusion act was

passed. This act denied entrance to the United States to any chinese immigrant except

students, teachers, lawyers, ext.

Not only were the chinese immigrants treated unequal but so were the mexican

immigrants. Most of them would immigrate to California since the border is off of

California. There they would find jobs in the fields. They would work in the fields

collecting grapes, strawberries and other sorts of fruits and crops. Unlike other american

citizens they didnt have the equal amount of protection. They would have to work in the

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