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Plant Physiology

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Photosynthisis key facts

# Converts light energy to chemicle energy.

# Raw materials = water and carbon dioxide.

# Controlling factor = availability and intensity of light.

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# Photosynthisis occurs on chloroplasts ; predominaly in the leaf.

Light independent reactions

Light energy is absorbed by chlorophyll. The light energy is then converted to chemical energy (A.D.P + P = A.T.P). Water is split into hydrogen ions; electrons and oxygen.

Diffusion Is the process by which molecules or ions of fluids or gasses tend to spread out from regions of their higher concerntration to a lower concerntraion.

Osmosis occurs when there is a concerntration gradient across a selectively permeable membrane, which is impermeable to the solute therefore water moves. There are types of cytoplasm solutions hypertonic, hypotonic and isotonic

(key differences Diffusion is the movement of solutes and osmosis is the movement of water.

Transport systems in plants

Plants have a system to transport water and inorganic nutrients from the roots to the leaves, and sugars made in the leaves to other parts of the plant.

The xylem transports water an inorganic nutrients from the roots to the leaves. The xylem is made up of living and dead cells.

The pholem tarnsports sugars n a solution.

The cambium is layer of actively dividing cells between the xylem and pholem of vascular plants.

The cortex is the outer layer of the stem and the pith is the inner part of the stem.

Primary growth is restricted to areas called meristems, these are areas that retain the ability to divide. There are three types of meristems, the first one is called a apicl which is a root and shoot. lateral is the cambium and the intercalary which are the nodes. Primary growth is the result of cell division in the apical intercalary. This is the only form of growth in monocots.

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