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Prejudice and Discrimination

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The trial in which Tom Robinson was wrongly sentenced by a jury of white men, for the rape of Mayella Ewell, demonstrates how in Maycomb County “people are ugly about folks right at home.” Tom was judged merely by the colour of his skin and not on the evidence put forth by Attitus. Due to the general acceptance that Negros will be treated differently there was a miscarriage of evidence. Tom Robinson is a reflection of the society as a whole. The fact that no one realised the unfair treatment of Tom Robinson made his death much more tragic. Tom was denied justice.

Maycomb County is a classic southern town full of gossip, tradition and burned with a legacy of racism. People only know Tom Robinson through what others say about him. They see him for what they believe he is. There are a number of factors that foster racial prejudice in the County; a sense of superiority, fear and an ignorant mainstream attitude. In Maycomb the residents of the township only associate civilly with people their own skin pigment- they feel they are superior to and therefore callous to the inhabitants with the darker pigment. They judge the “Niggers” by a physical characteristic that they can not control or have any threshold over. The township is also prejudice due to fear of the unknown. They see the Negros as different and are therefore fearful of their own uncertainties. The society is a conservative, narrow-minded one, who dismisses people with prominent unique traits because they fear that they will take over their land, homes, jobs and women. Rather than taking the time to get to know the Negros the “whites” hold resentment toward them. They are defensive, intolerant, ignorant, pragmatics, conceited people who share one view point- that of the mainstream. Everyone believes what everyone else does- they can not draw their own conclusions about people because they fear being named as an outcast. They go with the flow.

These factors have a dramatic impact on the community. As a result the society is divided, people are marginalised, their contribution limited and violence. In the novel only a vast minority of people are empathic towards the Negros. In the trial these people join the “Niggers” as the social outcasts, merely because they have had the courage to stand behind what they believe in, and making their view known. The society has been spilt over the Tom Robinson case, because for the first time people have put their pride on the line. As a result of racial intolerance, the “whites” of Maycomb miss out on that the Negros have to offer them. Just like Tom Robinson they are people with skills, talents, emotions and morals. The “whites” of the County are missing out on what the Negros have to offer. They are missing an opportunity to mingle with great people. Their racial discrimination is taken to far with the occurrence of violence.

Maycomb County is a community with serious issues that need to be addressed. If only they could see that through acceptance, tolerance, compassion and respect there is hope. Hope that one day they can live in unity and benefit greatly from what everyone, regardless of race has to offer. They need to realise that “you never really understand a person until…you climb into his skin and walk around in it.” The “whites” are only doing themselves the injustice.

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