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Ramza: A Symbol of Justice

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A good sense of justice is something that many people wish they had. Ramza is filled with justice from head to toe. Her qualities of strength, courage and fortitude provide the backbone of the story. We see many different emotions come from Ramza, but most reflect her fight and struggle to win justice for herself, and in the end, all women who are like her. Ramza is mainly fighting for what she wants and what will better her life, but later on in life she realizes that she was part of something bigger. She was a pioneer for all women of her time. All it took was her one voice that wanted justice to win freedom for all.

Ramza was very unique compared to most other women she knew growing up. She possessed qualities that the other women seemed to know nothing about. Only rarely did I come across one who, like me, seemed to require something more. () She was different, but that didn’t bother her. Her father and grandmother were only few who saw Ramza for who she really was and embraced her unique personality. They wanted her to be educated and they allowed her to express herself, which later benefited her in her fight for freedom.

In Ramza’s time, the majority of the women would not have dared to put up a fight like she did. She had fought publically like a man. But in her heart, she must have suffered like a woman. (6) Most all women were content with their lives and didn’t long for anything more. However, Ramza knew she was missing out on something. She needed to know what else existed in the world. And although the product of her cause and struggle was a great one, she lost many people because of it. Her relationship with her father had been a great one, but it was soon ruined when she turned against him. She also lost Maher in the end because he finally learned to stand up to her. Part of Ramza still probably regrets standing up for herself because her losses were almost greater then her rewards.

Ramza was never afraid to tell people how she felt and try to persuede them to see things her way. When she was being forced to marry her dead fiancee’s brother, she tried to argue her way out of it any possible way she could. I will not give up! I told Mademoiselle. I will plead my own cause. (145) Ramza knows that she is alone in her fight, but she is nowhere near ready to back out. She is determined to bring justice into her own life so that she can finally find the happiness she believes will come from having things her own way.

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Many different people come across Ramza’s firey attitude throughout the story, and there are not many that she lets go by without introducing them to her cause in some way. She constantly tries to find people that she thinks might listen to her and see things her way. She attempts to do just this with Sheikh Abd el Moutei, Maher’s father, as she struggles to find a way for her and Maher to be married. I had remembered him as having fairly liberal views, and I was prepared to do all I could to win him over to my cause. (15) Although Ramza is prepared to fight for justice in her life all on her own, she continues to search for people who might agree with her and fight for her cause.

It wasn’t until after Ramza won her fight that other women started to follow her. Most probably wanted to make sure she would win before they decided to take their own course of action towards freedom. However, when they did, it must have helped Ramza emensely. The girls of the harem congratulated me and encouraged me. They wrote about the lives, about being trapped inside a golden cage, about themselves as prisoners of tradition or victims of custom, and urged me not to give up on the fight. (15) The stories of other women like Ramza helped show her that she wasn’t alone like she had thought and that she was the cause of something great. Although the motive of her cause was only her own wants and desires, she also helped millions of other people get the same rewards she did as a result.

Ramza’s sense of justice is commendable. Throughout the entire story she knew she was alone, yet she never backed down. She fought hard and won hard in the end. If it had not been for Ramza, women could still be confined in Harems right up to this day. It only takes one person to start a revolution. We have seen this happen time and time again throughout history, and we will continue to until the end of time. Ramza truly was a symbol of justice. She was determined to bring justice into her life and get what she wanted, and that is exactly what she did.

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