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Social Commentary through story

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The dirty word was spoken, she knew that she couldnt take it back. But she really wouldn’t want to. Beth didnt know what was going to happen to her. It didnt matter to her anymore. She couldn’t honestly claim that she had a physical desire for herself, only dreams. She wasnt delusional enough to actually believe that her dark hopes would find their footing in the world, the same world that had taught her not to expect much.

She knew what the official was thinking, how he was plotting what to do with her. The offense that she had committed was unforgivable, she realized that, but she didnt care. She just stared at her stubby nails and waited. It wasnt long before he grabbed her shoulder and let her towards the gleaming silver door. She had seen a few people taken to the door during her lifetime, the people who could no longer contain the dirty words.

An image of the sign posted outside the city hall during the first year of the occupation filled her mind.


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Worded so politely, the black words on the white sign had seemed so cold but not menacing. Not nearly as menacing of a feel as it deserved. For within its three lines were located the deaths of countless ideas and visions. Seven little words, whom when alone carried no meaning, announced the end of Beths fragile world. It hadnt seemed fragile before, it had seemed safe and secure, or at least familiar.

The sharp pinch of the officials thumb brought Beth back from her world of dreams, one of the only places were the words on that list could still be shouted.

Few people could seem to understand why the resistance members struggled under the occupation. All that was requested of them was on that list, those words nobody was suppose to use, what could be so bad about that? There were no unfair taxes or monetary requests made on the population, just not to use those words!

Beth knew though, even as she had never become a resistance member herself. She knew that the freedom of words was something that nobody had the right to take away. She knew that it would snowball from there, small freedoms disappearing slowly like stars in the early morning sky. But most of all, she knew that she couldnt stand for it, that she must obey her heart and not a piece of paper.

All of the resistance members had disappeared within the first ten years. They had been loud and vocal about their beliefs and their actions, mistakes that would ultimately lead them to the silver door. Since then, the people who had passed over the threshold had done so because of a slip up, many begging and protesting as they were drug along. Only one person ever came back through the door, the very same official that was leading Beth to what seemed to be her doom.

She no longer bothered about what could be waiting for her on the other side. She had planned the event every night since the last resistance member had been taken, for no one felt the loss of hope as deeply as she did. Every night as she drifted off to sleep, she would plot and plan. The place, the time, and especially the word chosen had to be perfect. In her mind she had pictured the town rising up behind her and ripping the lists to shreds.

It hadnt happened. The crowds had heard the one word she uttered and ran, as they had been instructed to in such an event. Each person running to their home to await the exit of one of their own. It was hard for Beth to believe that it had been just the week before that she had watched her very own neighbor slip up and accidentally say one of the forbidden words. She had run, of course she had. Was there anything else that she could do? It was then that her will had strengthened. Who was she to run away? Many of the people convinced themselves that it was a small price to pay, but wasnt the running even worse than the actual list? And wasnt the worst sin of all to turn their backs on their neighbors? It was another liberty that the list had taken away, but without stating it in bold letters. It had taken away their ability to help their loved ones, their ability to exist as human beings. The rest of the townspeople didnt see it or deluded themselves into thinking that it didnt matter, but the words took away everything.

The silver door frame was right in front of her now. Beth was able to pause long enough to look back at the town and make an earnest wish that the people would finally wake up and realize how deeply words and the automatic freedom associated with them were embedded in the very roots of their humanity.

The official pushed her forward and she noticed that the door actually led to two separate hallways, one heading right and the other heading left. For the first time, the official seemed to look at her and actually see her. He spoke, his voice surprisingly gentle, Which path do you choose? The right is the path of the intentional, the ones who disobeyed because of arrogance. The left is the path of the merciful, those who disobeyed because of their tongue and not their will. She had never heard his voice before and it seemed strangely hypnotic.

She said nothing, either because of the hypnotic tone of his voice or the sheer surprise that she felt at the choice. Briefly she considered taking the path of the merciful, but what then? Didnt that mean that they had won? That they had not only taking from her the freedom of her tongue but also her courage? No, she would take whatever punishment came.

She stared him coldly in the eyes and simply said, I meant to say it, and I would say it again.

He didnt acknowledge her reply with a movement of any kind. Then take your path.

She turned towards the right hallway and walked, not bothering to look back at the official, but if she had, she would have seen the broad smile covering his face. At the end of the hallway she reached a door. The knob was cold and icy as she touched it. She hesitated, slightly afraid. She knew that fear wasnt based on a lack of courage, it was just a way of realizing the grave nature of the situation. Inner-strength fueled her and the knob turned with a slight squeak, for that path had not been chosen for nearly three years.

The light as she entered was brilliant, but she didnt close her eyes. She understood now where she was and what she had accomplished. By choosing the path which had given her freedom, she had earned the right to live. The light of life surrounded her and she knew what it finally felt like to breath. The touch of hands pulled her forth into the world and she was born. Saved by the utterance of a dirty word that others had been afraid to say. The strength of humanity ran through her, reinforced by her test.

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