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stone cold

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7th May 00

Stone Cold Question

. What impressions do you have of shelter?

Think about what he tells us about himself; what else we learn about him; how he speaks and behaves.

Shelter is an extraordinary character, truly fascinating in the most macabre way possible. He appears in the book in the ‘Daily Routine Orders’ chapters, these intersperse the numbered chapters in which Link narrates. He is an ex-army officer; dismissed on medical grounds after twenty nine years in the service. Due to this background he has two traits which are crucial to the story line; bitterness towards authority and an obsession with routine and uniformity.

He tells us about himself in a very self important manner and modesty is clearly not his strong point. He is by no means insane but he is definitely disturbed and his logic is very twisted. He feels that the homeless are leeches and should be erased from society. He undertakes this task and thus the ‘Camden Horizontals’ are recruited.

His sense of humour is as warped as his logic and sociological ideals, he laughs at the fact that he gives his recruits siny shoes and a haircut and how their “…mother must be proud…”.

One gets the impression that Swindells enjoyed crafting Shelter, all the subtle nuances in his speech such as repeating “…by golly…” an uncountable number of times. Very often it is the most diabolical character that one can read into most, why the character has such views, what sort of life he or she might have had. Shelter is a very insular person and has extremely strong views. He is perfectly aware of the fact that others may not share is views never the less he does not see that there is anything wrong with murder as long as it has a purpose, “… cleaning up the streets…”

His army training comes into play when he actually carries out the murders, however never working the same way twice, hiding tracks and working out a perfectly plausible cover is not the work of a commando; it’s the work of a serial killer. He is a Sociopath on all levels; perfectly normal to be with but completely disconnected with society, emotion and any kind of relationship. Put simply he is a logic machine, everything is planned, meticulously executed and no trace of what has ensued is ever present.

Only when he gets personally involved does he slip up. A personal vendetta leads to Shelter pursuing Ginger and then Link in ‘Operation Laughing Boy’. If he had continued on his course of random selection then it is doubtless that Shelter would have ‘succeeded’ in ridding the streets of perhaps another dozen dossers; but when emotion creeps into the mind of a sociopath, mayhem ensues.

Naming his cat Sappho indicates that he is a cultured and intelligent, Sappho of course being a Greek poetess of around 600 BC. He is by no means ignorant or stupid; if he was then he would have been caught after his second killing.

All things considered I feel that Shelter is the most intriguing character in the book and that had Swindells chosen a lunatic with no real purpose, well it would have been an even shallower book. Shelter ands depth, mystery and even a certain element of pity to the book and plot. The order with which he records the murders is exact and yet you feel that he gleans a sort of pleasure from it, like pride almost but far more primal.

Without Shelter this book would have been plain and boring, he is one of Swindells’ finest creations and, in my opinion, is far superior to the other characters in the book.

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