Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Big Secret

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It was getting close to 5pm when the gates close and the party begins, Sue the zoo keeper was on her last round feeding the monkeys before she would head to her car and travel home.

Life in the zoo was hectic for the animals, their day would start at .00 am where they would eat their breakfast and then begin to entertain the onlookers who traveled from all over the country to watch them. The so called entertainment differed for each type of animal. The monkeys would hang from tree to tree acting like they were in the wild looking for a mate and protecting their family. The snakes would slither through the rocks and branches finding prey as they would like you to believe. The bears would feed their young and play cheerfully on the grass.

In reality, outside the zoo it’s a story of survival usually where the strongest wins. However, in the zoo life was different. As soon as the attendants leave the animals become free, the tigers mix with the giraffes and the birds say hi to the koalas. At 5pm cultures mixed and rules were broken. It was a big secret only the animals knew about.

Ben the bear could not wait for Sue to leave, today especially because he and Eve were preparing a surprise for Ian the Eagle. Ian was caught earlier this year when he was flying above Sydney looking for food for his brother James who was ill. Unfortunately Ian never made it back to James. A bird catcher grabbed hold of Ian and took him to the zoo where he now remains.

Ian missed his family, he hated performing for the crowds, and he was tired and was growing impatient and bitter. Many of the animals would not talk to Ian because he scared them. When Ian wanted to be left alone he would spread his wings and take deep dives into the air away from the animals. Ben and Sue however, related to Ian having been taken away from their families at a young age.

Today was Ian’s birthday, Ben and Sue spent all of yesterday convincing all the animals to help them organize a party for Ian he would never forget. The Giraffes organized the decorations and the tigers the food. The birds helped by organizing the meeting place. At approximately 50 when the coast was clear the birds flew to Ian to tell him about the emergency in the mammal’s area. Ian being faster then all the other birds spread his wings and flew as fast as he could to the emergency. When he reached the mammals area he discovered that all the animals were waiting to surprise him. As he approached the landing he saw what seemed to be a big beautiful black bird standing behind Ben. At first Ian thought he was dreaming but at second glance he knew his wishes had become true. Standing behind Ben was James. James was also caught last week by a bird catcher and was not allowed out with all the other animals until he was treated and looked after.

Ian was so happy, he and James flew all night up and down the premises, it was as though they never left each other. The animals partied all night and all morning.

At .00am they all returned to their roles.

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