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To Kill A Mockingbird Themes

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Judging by Appearance

People should not be judged by appearance. The inside character of a person is hardly ever seen by their outward appearance. Harper Lee demonstrates this theme by using characters such as Boo Radley and Dolphus Raymond. Boo Radley is known and feared as being the psycotical town recluse. However, he ends up being a hero by saving Jem and Scout’s life. The next character, Dolphus Raymond is known for being the lazy drunkard of the town and is the center of most gossip because he has mixed children. However, in order to have a reason for his laziness he simply pretends to be a drunkard so he does not have to change his lifestyle. These two characters are perfect examples of how outward appearance does not reflect people’s inner character. Therefore, people should not be judged by their appearance.

Cherish Innocence

Whatever provides beauty and innocence in the world needs to be respected and treasured. However, this is not always so. That which is innocent and beautiful is often taken for granted or destroyed by evil. Harper Lee shows us this theme by using the mockingbird symbol throughout the book. She explains through Miss Maudie’s characterthat it is a sin to kill a mockingbird, because all they do is provide us with beautiful music. The mockingbird symbolizes Tom Robinson’s innocence, and eventually his death. This shows that innoncent can not be tolerated in a world of evil.

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Racism is ubiquitous and hinders human relationships and response. It causes people not to “see” clearly and puts a hamper on their sense of reasoning. Lee proves this problem through Tom Robinson’s trial and the problems of prejudice that follow it. Tom Robinson, an innocent man, was charged of raping a black girl. He was convicted of this crime only because he was black. The jury was unable to deliver a truthful verdict, because their hate for blacks acted as an opaque lining which unabled them to clearly view the evidence. This novel proved that racism is found everywhere and prevents human reasoning and relationships.

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