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Why Oedipus deserve sympathy in Oedipus?

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Many people plan their lives on a daily basis, while others may plan theirs on a weekly basis. Whatever the case maybe, I feel that we all should just live and enjoy life for the moment because we never know when we may become victims of fate. In other words, only God can decide what will happen and we cannot change that no matter how we may try to avoid it. In the play Oedipus by Sophocles, Oedipus tries to avoid the actions prophesied, before his birth, by Apollo. He feels that he can master mind the oracles by leaving Corinth. However with all the intellect, he has no idea that he will run into his downfall. Therefore, I feel Oedipus deserves sympathy in the play Oedipus.

The fact that Oedipus does not know that King Polybus and Merope are not his biological parents helps sympathize with his downfall. Oedipus thinks that if he leaves Corinth and flea to Delphi he could avoid Apollos prophecy. However, Apollo spurns to hin these words, You are fated to couple with your mother, you will bring a breed of children into the light no man can bear to see-you will kill your father, the one who gave you life! Whats more, I think by Oedipus fleeing Corinth and thinking about these oracles shows, in my opinion, an empathetic man. Also, it shows a man with a real human consciousness. To me, he does not deserve the harsh punishment that he is going to receive because, he has serve as an example of the inadequacy of the human intellect and a warning that there is a power in the universe that humanity cannot control or fully understand. In retrospect, his rationalization between the people he think are his parents and the oracles move me and help to bring about sympathy from me.

Based on Oedipuss determine personality to know the terrible truth, I find it very easy for me to sympathize with his situation. When the messenger reveals to him that Polybus was not his biological father, he shows eagerness to learn more about his past. Although, he could have ignored the messengers words, I think he is courageous to want to know of what punishment his past and present actions will bring. Moreover, he finds out his whole life story from the shepherd, from the time he was left on Mount Cithaeron to his present place at Thebes where he ends up marrying his biological mother, Jocasta. However, it is easy to have sympathy for him because he did not know that the oracle he had first fought against and then laughed at has been fulfilled, which leads him to put out his eyes and ask to be banish from the city of Thebes. Faced with the facts of his life, I truly feel that the punishment Oedipus brings upon himself was very severe, even though, he knows that what he did was forbidden and undignified.

In conclusion, no matter how one may try to prevent a situation from occurring one cannot escape or control neither fate nor the powers of the universe.

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