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ORAL LANGUAGE {ENG11.1}{ENG11.} Make informative and persuasive presentations. Use the speaking process as a strategy for learning. Refine speaking skills in informal situations (cooperative learning and class discussion). Formulate and express ideas and questions with fluency. Refine public speaking skills appropriate to more sophisticated topics and adult audiences. Present evidence clearly and convincingly. Prepare special speeches such as eulogy, TV and radio speeches, speeches with audio-visual aids. Analyze topic, purpose, occasion, and audience during presentation planning. Use appropriate verbal and nonverbal communication. Identify language appropriate to purpose, situation, and audience to plan for a presentation. Select appropriate format, organizational pattern, and technique for delivery to plan for a presentation. Critique the accuracy, relevance, organization of evidence, and the clarity and effectiveness of delivery. Demonstrate two-way listener-speaker responsibilities. Demonstrate listener attitude, knowledge of wait time, and receptive body language. Distinguish between appropriate and inappropriate feedback. Identify roles and relationships between communicators and respond. Use grammatically correct language including vocabulary appropriate to the topic, audience, and purpose. READING ANALYSIS {ENG11.} {ENG11.4} Refine pre-reading strategies such as preview text, set purpose, recall and relate prior knowledge and personal experience, and predict. Refine during-reading strategies such as generate and answer questions, confirm, refute, modify predictions, make inferences, use context clues, visualize, read ahead, adjust reading rate depending on material and reading purpose, identify language structure and story structure, and use punctuation and capitalization as visual cues. Refine post-reading strategies summarize, draw conclusions, determine authors purpose, determine applications, share information learned, evaluate/synthesize, and evaluate progress. Analyze the format and content of a variety of informational materials. Use information from texts to clarify or refine understanding of academic concepts. Extend general and specialized vocabularies for reading and writing. Generalize ideas from selections to make predictions about other texts. Expand vocabulary by assimilating grade level vocabulary; identifying words in context, and decoding words using prefixes, suffixes, and roots from Greek and Latin origins; recognizing connotation and denotation of vocabulary; expanding vocabulary in writing and speaking, using connotation and denotation in writing; identify word relationships in tests like the SOLs and SATs; and creating analogies. Discuss American literature as it reflects contemporary and traditional themes, motifs, universal characters, and genres. Describe cultural archetypes in short stories, novels, poems, and plays. Analyze literary allusions. Analyze literature as a primary source of information from the society in which it was written. Analyze literature in regard to the literary movement in which it was written (for example Colonialism). Compare and contrast the development of American literature in its historical context. Describe how use of context and language structures conveys an author’s intent and viewpoint in contemporary and historical essays, speeches, and critical reviews. Develop and use sustained silent reading to increase vocabulary, develop fluency, expand knowledge, and develop a variety of interests. Develop independent reading through trade books. WRITING {ENG11.7}{ENG11.8}{ENG11.} Develop a variety of writings with an emphasis on persuasion. Refine pre-writing strategies generate ideas by brainstorming, mapping or webbing, observing, questioning, listening, reading Gather and organize information by responding, visualizing, thinking, recalling, discussing, drawing, clustering, researching, note taking, free writing, interviewing, outlining. Prepare document for intended audience or purpose by adapting content, vocabulary, voice, and tone; rereading; conferencing, revising, proofreading and editing, sharing, rewriting. Refine post-writing strategies prepare document for publication or some other use by illustrating, displaying, printing, and sharing. Use the domains of writing as an aid in evaluation. Refine the use of precise language -apply knowledge of eight parts of speech to revise for standard grammar and mechanics and usage -use a variety of sentence structures -revise writing for clearly stated and elaborated focus. Develop a writing style by experimenting with models. Refine and critique use of precise language in tone, audience, topic selections, and purpose. Use technology to access, develop, and modify documents. Edit writing for correct use of language, sentence formation, punctuation, capitalization, and spelling. RESEARCH {ENG11.} Analyze, evaluate, synthesize, and organize information from a variety of sources to produce a research product. Develop a plan for research. Select and narrow a topic. Develop a primary thesis. Examine library and electronic sources -Use multiple media sources -Use available technology -Use data bases to access information.

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