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History of America

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1) Gentleman Johnny Burgoyne British general and playwright. In the American Revolution he captured Fort Ticonderoga but lost the Battle of Saratoga. The Heiress was his most popular play.

) Charles Cornwallis British military and political leader who commanded forces in North Carolina during the American Revolution. His surrender at Yorktown in 1781 marked the final British defeat.

) Bernardo de Galvez Spain governor of Louisiana and joined the France.

4) Marquis de Lafayette French soldier and politician who served on George Washingtons staff in the American Revolution.

5) George Rogers Clark American military leader and frontiersman who led numerous raids on British troops and Native Americans in the Northwest Territory during the Revolutionary War.

6) Francis Marion American Revolutionary soldier known for his guerrilla tactics against the British in South Carolina.

- Key Terms

1) Common Sense Pamphlet written by Thomas Paine that stirred up public support for the American Revolution and called for the end of British rule in the colonies.

) Declaration of Independence Statement of the Second Continental Congress that officially declared the new United States of America to be independent of Great Britain.

) Loyalists Tories; colonists who sided with Britain in the American Revolution.

- Key People

1) Patrick Henry American Revolutionary leader and orator. A member of the House of Burgesses and the Continental Congress, he spurred the creation of the Virginia militia with his words ¡°Give me liberty, or give me death¡±. He also served as governor of Virginia.

) Thomas Paine British-born American writer and Revolutionary leader who wrote the pamphlet Common Sense arguing for American independence from Britain. In England he published The Rights of Man, a defense of the French Revolution.

) Richard Henry Lee American Revolutionary leader who proposed the resolution calling for the independence of the American colonies from England.

4) Thomas Jefferson The third President of the United States. A member of the second Continental Congress, he drafted the Declaration of Independence.

5) Abigail Adams First Lady of the United States as the wife of President John Adams. Her letters to her husband provide a vivid picture of life in colonial Massachusetts.

6) Thayendanegea Mohawk leader who supported the British in the French and Indian War and the American Revolution.

Section 4. An American Victory

- Key Terms

1) Battle of Trenton Revolutionary War Battle in New Jersey in which Patriot forces captured more than 00 Hessian troops fighting for Britain.

) Battle of Saratoga Turning point of the Revolutionary War; Patriot victory led to more support from European powers.

) guerrilla warfare Type of fighting in which soldiers use swift hit-and-run attacks to wear down the enemy.

4) Battle of Yorktown Last major battle of the Revolutionary War; site of British general Charles Cornwalliss surrender to the Patriots in Virginia.

5) Treaty of Paris Peace agreement that officially ended the Revolutionary War and established Britains formal recognition of the United States.

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