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Social influences on our children

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In today’s society we, as parents, tend to depend on other influences to raise our children. These influences include video games, schoolmates, and the person we choose to watch our children after school. Our children are being raised to believe that there are no consequences for their actions and that boundaries do not exist in today’s society. Regardless of how much guidance we give our youth, society can be influential. Parental inattention, technological advances and the influence of peers are three key elements that are causing today’s children to have no direction, purpose or motivation.

The first and most important of these, parental inattention, is the responsibility of parents to be there for their children. Society plays a big roll in this, because most of the time both parents are required to work. This deprives our children of much needed family time. Many of today’s families consist of single parent homes or homes where grandparents have become part of the family unit. With our current economic situation this may not be financially adequate. While parents are working, who is left to raise and influence our children? What messages are we sending to our children by not being there for them? How do we coordinate getting our children involved in community sports, if we are always working? There are so many wonderful events our children are not involved in, because most families require two or more incomes just to survive.

Technology has come a long way in recent years and has become an integral part of our children’s lives. With such distractions as television and video games, it is no wonder that children of today are less social and more isolated. Television and video games get more one on one time with our children than we do. Parents should limit the time their children spend watching television and playing video games. However, many parents find themselves too busy to supervise these activities. Between work and household responsibilities, family time is limited. The influence that television and video games have on our children is more than we are willing to admit. Technological advances are not necessarily bad, but as parents, we must monitor what we allow our children to watch and play. There are many inappropriate programs on television. On every channel you can find profanity or inappropriate behavior. We should not trust ratings. Even the most popular video games tend to contain the most violence. So without properly monitoring, our children will be exposed to too much violence and bad language.

We invest a great deal of time and energy trying to teach proper beliefs and values to our children. However, when children begin school, other classmates may exhibit unbecoming behaviors and beliefs. Some children are already using profanity by the first grade. This is being learned from the previously mentioned sources, due to lack of good monitoring. Furthermore, schools are not doing enough to monitor social interactions between children. As children get older they do their best to fit in. They see theirs peers involved in drugs, alcohol, and even premarital sex. This may result in children feeling as though they need to be involved in these activities to be accepted.

Parents must make their children their priority and continue to teach them the difference between right and wrong. They should pay attention to them and who they spend time with. They should always ask questions and be observant in every aspect of their life. They need to get them involved in activities that interest them to occupy their time. They need to praise them when they do right and punish them when they do wrong. Finally we need to pray for their success in life and lead by example.

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