Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Weekend With a Japanese Exchange Student

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When the exchange student arrives at the air port I will greet Hiroshi the traditional Japanese way and welcome him to the country. I will then ask him what type of food he would like to have for lunch. We will then have an early lunch.

We plan to take the guest to some place which is not common in Japan. We think for awhile and finally decide that the place to take him would be to some close by national parks. Surely the national parks in Japan differ to the ones here in Australia.

After lunch I will take him home where they can rest and freshen up. I will get to know more about them and find out what kind of things interest him. After we are all well rested I will tell Hiroshi where I am planning to take them to. Before we leave I will describe the place to him.

The first place I would take him to would be Marapana Wild Life Park. This park is a great tourist attraction. Here you can see, feed and have close contact with some of Australia’s very own animals like the kangaroo, wallaby and koala. You can also feed and come in close contact with other animals like camels and deer which are not common in Japan.

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This trip would take almost all day. When we reach home we will have a shower followed by dinner at a restaurant. Then I would introduce some different types of recreations in Australia like card and board games. We play games until we get sleepy. These games will not only be fun but give us a chance to get to know each other.

When we get up the next morning we all do what ever we need to before having breakfast. As we eat breakfast we tell the guest all about what we have planned for Hiroshi today. We concluded that we should show Hiroshi some of the ancient formations in Western Australia. We are going to take him to the Yanchep National Park.

After breakfast everyone has a quick shower and gets ready to go to the park. There are kangaroos and wallabies in this park too, but in addition there are also several beautiful wild birds and wild flowers to be seen around everywhere. We don’t want to spoil the trip for him so we try not to give away too many details and wonders of this park.

This park was established in 105. It is located fifty one kilometers north from the city. There are plenty of grass areas, plenty of shade hence this is a suitable picnic area. There are a number of walking trails providing an opportunity for bird watching and photography of wild life.

We drive into the national park and pull up in the car park next to the koala sanctuary. We let Hiroshi see and take photos with and of the koalas. We proceed on foot and stop regularly and explain things to him. We make sure that the guest has enough water and food when he needs it.

We walk around and take numerous photos. When we reach the top of the park we see the Crystal Cave. This is a great place to take visitors to as they will definitely cherish the memories of their visit to this cave. We organize a tour guide to show us around the cave and explain the history of the cave and some of the ice formations in it.

We see stalagmites and stalactites and other interesting formations of calcium carbonate deposits. We give Hiroshi an explanation of the lion formation and its symbolic meaning to the people who know the cave really well, like the people who work there.

We will stop and take photos of some the formations and take some photos of Hiroshi in the cave. After touring the cave we will walk back down to the bottom of the park were we will have a picnic in the shaded, grassed area, and take some photos of us together.

After we have finished our meal we will take Hiroshi to the airport and help him with checking in. We will stay with the guest until the time for him to board the plane has come. We will bid him farewell then leave. We will forever cherish the memories of our experience with Hiroshi the Japanese exchange student.

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