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cause of russian revolution

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Causes of the Russian Revolution

Russia had a revolution in 117 because people were dissatisfied with their Tsar and the way he ruled during The Great War (WWI). Tsar Nicholas was a poor leader and his government was very weak and corrupt. During WWI, almost a quarter of men lost their lives, and untrained troops were forced to join the battle without ammunitions. When Lenin promised the people peace, bread, and land, they supported him. In 117, Russia experienced a communist revolution.

Tsar Nicholas was a very poor leader. He preferred family life to maintaining his leadership. His government was very weak and corrupt. Most of Russia¡¦s population lived in the countryside, and only 15% lived in towns and cities. Peasants were struggling to buy lands, and many of them had difficulty supporting themselves to buy food. Non-Russian people were forced to become Russians and use the Russian language. The conditions for peasant women were worse, compared to the men. A lot of them had to suffer very hard labor in factories and on farms. During that time, both Russia and Japan wanted to control Manchuria and Korea. They had a war among each other. It was a disaster for Russia, the Russian Baltic ships were sunk by the Japanese at the Battle of Tsushima in May 105. Then Russia was forced to make peace in the Treaty of Portsmouth in August 105. She had gained nothing from it. The war had showed that the government was poorly corrupted, insufficient, and badly led.

The Great War was also a cause of the Russian Revolution. In 114, the Russian army was the largest army in the world. She joined Britain and France to form the Triple Entente. In the Battle of Tanennberg, most of the Russian troops were slaughtered or captured in Germany. By December 114, Russian Army had 6,55,000 men with only 4,65,000 rifles left. Untrained troops were ordered to join the battle without arms or ammunition. By 115, Russia lost over million men and lost Kurland, Lithuania, and much of Belorussia. Agricultural production dropped heavily and people had to face serious food shortages. By 116, the Russian army lost almost a million men. Tsar Nicholas, as a commander of the Russian army, was responsible for the military failure and already by 117, there was a strong decline in his support in Russia. On the 15th of March 117, Tsar abdicated.

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Vladimir Lenin, leader of Bolsheviks, was the only hope of Russians to stage a revolution. He was exiled from Russia. Lenin discovered and planned to spread Marxism throughout Russia. When Lenin returned to Russia, he organized a Bolsheviks political party as a main base to spread out the belief of Communism. With the name of Vladimir Lenin, he promised the civilians peace, bread, and land, which were what they expected and which gained Lenin more support. When the Communism belief was widely spread, his next plan was to stage a revolution. Lenin later on successfully staged a revolution in Russia and put down the parliament. Finally, Russia was made a Communist country by Lenin.

Russia had her government weak and corrupt. As things get worse through The Great War with the responsibility of Tsar, almost a million men were killed. People strongly declined the support to Tsar and he was finally abdicated. When people started turning to Vladimir Lenin, he followed his plan to spread out the belief of Communism. He finally staged a revolution in Russia and successfully made her a Communist country.

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