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Conflict proceess In Monster INC

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Another important theory of organizational behavior is one that focuses on the ability of management to focus on achievable goals and attain the best possible results from available resources and the setting of objectives that strive to deliver the main ambitions of the organization and then letting those charged with meeting the objectives do so without constant monitoring.

Monsters Inc quickly introduces the goals and objectives that are common to all employees at the company. The first and most important goal is the diligent work needed to keep Monsters Inc in business. Quotas must be met and canisters must be filled. These are just of few of the criteria set by management to meet the objective of the company to keep it in business and supplying electricity. Since the children are getting harder to scare and a shortage of electricity has occurred in Monstropolis, employees understand their role in fulfilling goals that meet the objectives of the company. This is just one example where objectives are set by management, focus on company goals, are easily measured, understood by all the employees, constantly reviewed and updated often.

Setting goals to meet objectives is a motivational tool to make employees aware of their roles and responsibilities, at the same time helping them and not control them.

To achieve goals they need to be, tangible, verifiable, and measurable. (T 56) The collection of childrens screams to produce electricity in Monstropolis is a tangible result of setting goals. Verifiable results are the canisters that store scream power and competition of the teams to break the record of top scarer. Measurable results are Quotas filled and Monsters Inc staying in business.

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One of the top scarers at Monsters Inc., is James P. Sullivan (Sully), and work partner is Mike Wazoski. Randall Boggs team is Mike and Sullys direct competition. The two teams are competing for the record of top scarers at Monster Inc. The teams have taken it upon themselves to accomplish this goal. It is not a goal set by management. The competition among co-workers is a motivating tool in which employees work harder to increase performance and productivity by meeting company objectives.

Everyone within the organization must have a clear understanding of the objectives of the company so they can move towards common objectives and goals of the company. With this understanding the employees should be directed and controlled by the objectives of performance and productivity rather than their boss.

Monsters Inc also explores the relationship between MBO and empowerment and its effect on job satisfaction among the monsters. Even though the children are supposed to be toxic and deadly to the monsters, they show up for work excited and waiting for the next scare. Employee empowerment seems to be influenced by the perception that Monster Inc seems to cares about its employees and that their work is valued which is reflected in how employees take responsibility for their work and make appropriate decisions.(T ) The most important concepts of empowerment are

· responsibility,

· satisfaction in accomplishments,

· recognition for their ideas,

· and the knowledge that they are important to the organization.

Responsibility, demonstrated by the monsters closing the closet door behind them so they dont take the chance of children entering their world and causing disastrous results.

Satisfaction in accomplishments is represented by the competition between teams to become the holders of the scare record.

Recognition for their ideas, and knowledge is also presented by Mr. Waternooses request to Sully to show new monsters in training some of his scare techniques and what a monster needs to know to be successful.

Elements of MBO and empowered employees constitute a mixture of employees not expecting to be told what to do, but knowing what to do to meet the ambitions of the company.

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