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Contrasting Views

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One the opposite end of the scale, Willy, in The Death of a Salesman, has a lot of love and support from his family but he feels the need to constantly compete with his brother’s success. The balance of the components of Willy’s American dream is very uneven. He does not see the fact that he has a wonderful home and family because he focuses too much on the monetary side of the American dream. Willy and Linda fight over money a great deal because Willy sees money as the only important factor in his American dream. He wants fast success and quick riches.

Linda Well, you owe him three and a half. And odds and ends, comes to around a hundred and twenty dollars by the fifteenth.

Willy Oh, I’ll knock ‘em dead next week. I’ll go to Hartford. I’m very well liked in Hartford. You know the trouble it, Linda, people don’t seem to take to me.

Linda But you’re doing wonderful dear. You’re making seventy to a hundred dollars a week. (7)

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In comparison to Willy’s brother, Ben, Willy did not live a successful life and see through with his American dream. “When I was seventeen I walked into jungle and when I was twenty-one I walked out. And by God I was rich.” (48). Ben’s success has only been financially, he never had a family beyond Willy. He never saw how well off he was. He had little debt to pay off, he was making enough money to maintain his family’s standard of living, and he was loved by his family. All Willy ever saw was his failures. He was traveling salesman and he never made any quick enormous amounts of money. The pressure Willy put on himself to become rich was to much for him to take. He got into his can and speed off.

“The music crashes down in frenzy of sound…Linda goes to Charley and takes his arm. Now all move toward the audience, through the wall line of the kitchen. As the limit of the apron, Linda lays down the flowers, kneels, and sits back on her heels. All stare down at grave.” (16)

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