Wednesday, March 21, 2012

My Life Without International Trade

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If Canada were not involved with international business trade, I would lead a very boring life style. Most of my computer programs have been developed in the United States of America. Also the fashion statements that so many of the students in our school community make every day would not be possible. So without access to other counties and their products, Canada would become rather boring.

It is essential that I have access to a lot of computer programs to be able to function in my every day life. Sometimes people do not relies how much we depend on other countries but with out the help of Japan, for my computer screen, and Taiwan for the computer chips, and the States for this word processing program, this paper would not have been written.

I own over 100 articles of clothing, and nothing but a plain white shirt was fabricated in Canada. Can you imagine if everyone was wearing clothes made by the same company? There would be absolutely no diversity. We might as well have a uniform policy. We need to be able to trade with Paris, and London so we can indulge in the beautiful fashion that is born there. When people think about clothes that are made in different countries most of the time the thought of sweatshops is what comes to mind, but Paris and London also create lovely items without the usage of sweatshops.

For Canada to continue to be such an interesting country and so diverse, we need to trade internationally with others. We crave individuality, so we want to be able to shop in different countries for our clothes without leaving home. But we also depend on a lot of countries to help us with technology. Sometimes international trade is overlooked but it is what helps make Canada so diverse.

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