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The poverty in our country right now is getting serious already not only because of our government system or our economy, but also because of the International system that we have right now. Based on the lecture, poverty in the Philippines, because of the International System, can be viewed in many ways.

The causes of poverty or poverty itself can be viewed through the political instability of our government officials. The instability of our government officials can be seen through their own way of graft and corruption, which can be seen through their own way of having cronies with their projects, which have hidden agenda.’ Since our government has a lot of ‘projects and plans’ for our country, they need some financial assistance from other countries or International banks. Thus, we borrow from these International banks or from another countries. The money were borrowed will be given and entrusted to our government officials in order for them to use it in their projects. However, instead of using it in their projects such as, housing for the poor, construction of roads, medical missions in squatters’ area, etc., they only use part of the money for such projects. Then, the rest of the money will be kept by them and be distributed to their cronies or some relatives. With this, the projects for the poor and the needy are not given much attention and worth. Instead of helping these people, they are helping themselves and their families to get rich. They benefit from such loans, but our country does not because our country is the one who would have a problem regarding the increase in its foreign debts. Thus, affects our economy a lot because of the devaluation of our Peso, which in turn, makes the poor people in our country poorer, and the rich even richer.

Poverty can also be viewed through the wars and famine that is happening around the world. The wars that are happening around the globe greatly affect the economy of every country since the economies of each country are connected even in some ways. In turn, it also adds to the rampant increase in the poverty not only in our country but also around the world because in war, it destroys a lot of houses, work places, school and many more. Thus, the victims of the wars becomes evacuees because of the loss of their own properties and necessities, which also makes them experience famine due to the drought and hunger that is brought by such wars. Thus, they try their best to migrate in other countries where they can grant asylum and aid that they need.

Not only through the political instability of our government and through the wars happening around the world the only causes of poverty. It made me realized that the theories discussed in the lecture could also be used to the rampant increase of poverty around the world. I agree that all the theories discussed are good theories, which could explain the poverty that we are all experiencing right now. Such theories that were discussed are Imperialism and Dependency theories. The theory of Imperialism explains poverty through the capitalists’ countries, which invested in their colonies, wherein they earned profits to buy off their working classes back in their own countries. The targets of the capitalists are the Eastern Europe and Asia, wherein the Philippines is a part of. Through capitalism, colonialism also arises, which have severe effects. Such effects are the overrun of the foreigners in their said colonies, the capitalists install their own governments and staffs in the countries that they are in control; the locals of the country that they are in control of , are force to use their language and adapt the foreign cultural practices of the capitalists; the locals are also educated under foreign models, which in turn, the locals feel inferior through the psychological conditioning that is done upon them by their colonies. These are only some of the effects and reasons use by the Imperialism theory in explaining poverty around the globe.

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The other theory is the Dependency Theory. This theory explains poverty through the inability of third world countries to sustain for their own internal growth. The third world countries, where our country is also one of them, are dependent on the first world countries because of the financial assistance that our governments ask from these countries. This dependency of the third world countries has severe effects also. Such effects are due to the debt of payments that the third world countries have, it reduces the accumulation of their surplus; and the penetration of Multinational Corporations, which benefits from the employment that they get but at the same time they exploit the third world countries because of the cheap labor that they give, however, third world countries need long-term investment.

With all these reasons on the rampant increase of poverty around the world, as a Christian achiever for God and country, it means that we should not only help by giving money and donations to the poor. Instead, we must have an immersion with them so that we would be able to know their needs, whether physically, emotionally and spiritually. Through such immersions, we would be able to be involved with the poor and be able to show that love that Jesus does during his time. With this, we would be able to be Christians achievers not only for God but at the same time, for our country as well.

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