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Why Manchester United are the best team in the world

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Manchester United are the best team in the world as they have some of the best footballers with incredible talent. They have Rio Ferdinand in defence who is the most expensive transfer. they also have Tim Howard, an excellent goalkeeper, Ryan Giggs, who is magic down the left wing, Diego Forlan who scored some of the best goals last season, and Van Nistelrooy, THE best striker ever to grace the ball!

to change would be the length. I considered varying the thickness but decided against it, as there isn’t a great enough range. I also decided that I couldn’t really control the temperature by the formula �

Resistance, R = p.d across the wire (w)

current through the wire (I)

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or R = V/I , I = V/R , V = I x R

( with V = p.d in volts , I = current in amps , R = resistance in W )

The resistance of a metal conductor is the same, whatever current is flowing � provided the current doesn’t change. Ohms law is a very important part to this study. George Ohm discovereda partially permeable membrane, from a region of high concentration of water molecules to a region of lower concentration.’

It is the passage of water molecules from a weak to a stronger solution through a partially permeable membrane. It is the way that living things take up water.

Under normal conditions, the concentration of water molecules and salts is the same in both plasma and the cells. After sweating, salts and water is lost from the plasma and therefore there is a lower concentration of water in the plasma than inside the cells. The water molecules therefore diffuse out from the cells through the cell membrane. A membrane like this is called a partially permeable. The water molecules are small, so pass through the membrane easier than salts.

Water molecules move from high to low concentration through a partially permeable membrane. Substances pass through a membrane if their particles are smaller than the pores in the membrane.

Water enters a plant through its root hairs by osmosis. It moves across the root cortex by osmosis and diffusion into the xylem vessels. When it is in the xylem vessels, water forms unbrowater enters the cell and makes it swell up. The water pushes against the cell wall until it cannot hold any more.

Turgid cells give the plant some support, helping to keep the stem upright. They wilt if they lose water and therefore are no longer turgid.

If water is lost from a particular cell and not replaced, the vacuole begins to shrink. The cells are no longer firm but limp. We call them flaccid. As more water leaves the cell, the cytoplasm starts to peel away from the cell wall. They’re called plasmolysed.

The experiment

The experiment that I will be conducting will involve seeing whether osmosis occurs in a potato piece that is placed in a sugary solution. I will observe and record the mass change of cells when they’re placed in different concentrations of sucrose solution. My results will show if the

ken columns from the roots, through the stem and into the leaves. Water evaporates from the leaves � mainly through the tiny little pores that ‘the current flowing through a metal wire is proportional enough as we were conducting the experiment using wires attached

nichrome wire. This means that the best thing for me to vary will be the length of the wire.

I predict that as length increases, resistance will also increase in proportion to the length. I predict this

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