Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Black Beauty

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A story about a horse that learns about horses and humans life growing up. He has many things happen and as he goes from owner to owner he learns different lesson. He meets new friends like ginger and and the general. He learned why humans chase rabits which is called hunting. One day a banr cuaght on fire and it was bad. Black Bueaty is a great timeless book about a horse. It is black. It is a beauty. It is awesome. It runs fast. THis book was sad. He grew up being a loyal and lovin horse. It never bit or kicked, for he followed his mother addvice. WHen he was four the Squire came to brake him in. He didnt like the feel of the bite or saddle, but he knew his matster would not harm him so he did as told. His first coachman was Joah Manly he had a wife and kids. One day a fire broke out in the stable. It was bad. lkjadf lakdjf ad asdfasdf lajksdf ;kja sdf lkjasdf a ;kjdf ;lkjsdf ;lkjasdf i jd falkdjf ie lkjasdf i akjsd fe l;kajs kajsdf knl adfkjin alasdfjli asdfnl asidfn ;asdf in adfi a dnasin ons lisaf on asdkfj i on the lkj dfionsrgh aljdf inasef doif nthinsf osdingi this thei lskdf jtheouk id kleid mipo en asoij flkej ;dsif jke flasidfjkef sdifjklefj isd fklej isdfjlkef asdfi je flfjief asdklfjie jfsdi fjesio fjsdk lfjiefjasld;fik jsioe s fjselkfj sdifjel; kjas;dlifje a;lsid ekjm

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