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Building Structure

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In Building structures there are many things to think of. You must know how strong you

have to build the structure and also how much weight it must hold. It has to be very strong in

order to hold up through the weather and threw the years it is being used. The things a structure

goes threw is the thing people think about when designing the structure. Shape, weight, and how

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much the material will cost to buy.

There are many different types of material used in building a structure. There is a choice

on how strong the building has to be in order to stay standing. The materials they use are wood,

cement, steel, plastic, brick, and stone. The safety of these materials depend on how they are used

in building. If anyone uses any of these in the wrong way it probable will not stand for very long.

Wood is the safest natural made object that is used in making a structure. It is a material that is

strong in tension and in compression (Salvadori 6). Wood can hold a lot of weight since most

houses are built from wood. Wood will most likely be used for hundreds of years because it is so

widely available. People will use wood because it is low in cost compared to any of the other

materials used in building.

Cement is one of the materials used in the construction of the structure of a building.

Cement is also used in the making of a bridge because it can stay standing over a long gap.

Cement is more expensive than wood because there is more to the cement than the wood. Cement

has multiple ingredients mixed in, that is one of the reasons it is more expensive. One of the others

is because wood is cut down and the cut into the boards that is needed, but cement people have to

mix the ingredients. We can build taller structures out of cement because it is stronger than wood.

wood is only good to a certain height than it becomes dangerous to have. Cement that height is

greater because the cement can be stacked higher and hold more weight. It is much safer to build

a tall building with the cement than it is with the wood.

Steel is the safest material to use because it is the strongest. You can build high

skyscrapers or sturdy bridges that can hold tons of weight. They use steel because they build high

into the sky with it. It is the sturdiest material used in building today. With this material houses are

safer and so are many other buildings that people are in on a daily bases. Steel is also a man made

material. we cannot get steel from a tree growing in the backyard or by diving deep into the ocean

and digging it out. People work hard everyday to make steel for building. It might not be for just

a building either.

Plastic is being used more and more as we make advances in the building of structures( ).

The main use of plastic is for safety. There is two terms for plastic. One is in the chemistry field

which means a man made material, and there is the term in the building field that means a material

is not elastic anymore ( Salvadori ).

Wood is a very strong material used in building structures. There are many types of wood.

Some of the wood is very strong and it can hold way more weight than others. The there is some

wood that is very weak and would only look good as a piece of furniture. Many things are built

from wood because it is so strong. They use wood in houses to build the support of the house.

They also build bridges that only need to hold so much weight at a time. A lot of the smaller

structures would be built out of wood.

Concrete is a man made material that is very strong. It is made out of a mixture of water,

sand, small stones, and a gray powder called cement ( Salvadori 5 ). Concrete is strong like rock.

We use it for building many things. We use it to construct a sidewalk, driveway, and we even use

it to make a road. We also use concrete in building structures for a building. We sometimes use it

for the core of a skyscraper. We even use it in a pain old building. It of course has to be strong

enough to hold up a skyscraper in various types of weather. A skyscraper needs a lot of support

to stay standing, that is why we sometimes use concrete.

Stone was used by the Romans to build their bridges and roads. The Romans were also

very good a building many things. They had came up with many ways of building structures.

Stone is a very strong material used in the building of some structures. We sometimes use it to

build the structure of a fireplace. We use mortar to connect the stones together. Mortar is the

mixture of lime, sand, and water. We use the mortar because it will harden to be just as hard as

the rock or stone.

Steel is a very strong material used in building. Steel is one of the strongest materials that we use

today in the construction of a structure. Steel is used in many different types of structures. We use

it in bridges, skyscrapers, and in some smaller building. Steel is a smart choice when designing a

tall building like a skyscraper. it can hold up for many years.

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