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In 17, two scientists, Dr. Ian Wilmut and Dr. Keith Campbell, shocked the world by creating the first cloned sheep, Dolly. Some scientists gave Wilmut and Campbell standing ovations for their success. Others were appalled and suggested, “it was a gross overreach of man’s desire to control life.” Although cloning human organs could save the lives of thousands of people, cloning humans would be highly immoral and unethical. This is because of the high risk of the medical defects, the responsibilities and the high price of cloning a human life. Therefore, human cloning should not be practiced and should be illegal.

When a human is successfully cloned it will be a major medical breakthrough. But the high risks factors are so

great it seems impossible to achieve. Dr. Ian Wilmut and Dr. Rudolf Jaenisch clearly warns others of the dangers related to human cloning. In the March issue of Science they write, “cloning animals is still a highly imperfect process rife with abnormalities that make cloning humans

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premature and impractical.” Since 17 there have been reports of scientists successfully cloning cattle, goats,


pigs, and mice. But what they fall short to mention the

fail rate and physical defects of a clone. Most cloned animals die before development. “Animals that are born suffer high rates of heart and lung damage, as well as kidney failure, brain abnormalities and immune system defects” stated Dr. Wilmut. He has also discovered that the medical defects are partly due to the incorrect genetic reprogramming of the donor cell. Dr. Wilmut later confessed it took 47 failed pregnancies for Dolly, his cloned sheep, to properly develop. In other words it is almost impossible.

Medical failures are not the only problem scientists are responsible for, once a human is cloned what happens next? Doctors can not use the organs for medical purposes because the clone is a living being, that would be murder. Would scientists live up to the responsibility of caring and

nurturing the clone? Would it have a normal life, or be a lab experiment? Society would also gain the responsibility of controlling the cloning process, by setting laws and regulations. They would have to worry about the responsibilities of reproducing human beings.

What if the entire process was blown out of proportion, or the cloning technology fell into the wrong hands as in the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie, The 6th Day. It is


problems like these that scientists need to consider and their possible resolutions before cloning experiments go any further.

Dr. Alan Trounson states, “this will be a complete waist of time and likely a most regrettable experience.” Considering the latest research it is evident the risks outweigh the benefits. So to bother with continuing experimentation of human cloning is a waste of time.

In conclusion, we must ask ourselves, will it be worth the price or will the cost of human cloning be to high, not only monetarily but also morally and ethically. I ask myself, what is the point? Why do scientists need to clone a human being? I do agree in cloning human organs but not human lives, there is no need. I understand that some infertile couples want children of their own, but there are plenty of orphan children in the world that need good homes. Our society does not need to take on the responsibilities and consequences that will occur as a result of cloning. We do not have the supreme wisdom or the capability to control the process of cloning.

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