Saturday, April 21, 2012

Genome Project

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Genome Project

The genome project really seems to have legitimate reasons for researching the gene sequence in human DNA. Knowing what gene or genes may lead to an illness, disease, or handicap could be pointed out as early as four days after conception, which gives the unborn child an opportunity to possible, nip that problem in the bud. Just thinking of all the wonderful things that it could do for a new being. Giving it the chance to live a healthy normal life even though what was the gene that would have made it develop something like heart disease later in life. This research also gives the opportunity to find out what a grown person may or may not develop, what diseases they are susceptible to and what gene may have been passed down to them and what genes may possible be passed down to their offspring. But if we have the capabilities of contracting that sort of information what would be done with it and who would have access to it?

If insurance companies were able to see such information would they really have the right to deny a person or their entire family for that matter, the right to buy insurance? I personally think that the insurance companies would. They just like anyone else are always out to make money not loose it. If they have the information of you and/or your family and the fact that you may die at a young age why would they want to insure you if there’s potential the company may loose money on you and they KNOW this? I’m sure that there will probably be laws against who can have access to that information and who cannot but it’s just like anything else, things are only so protected and there are always loopholes. I can just see it know. You are watching advertisements for insurance on TV in the next 0 to 0 years and you see some that say “regardless of you genetic history”. Or job’s that will have written on the application under optional “would you like to release your genetic history to this company?” But the way it would go with that is they wouldn’t look at your application if you didn’t release your information because perhaps they figure that you must have something to hide. The one thing I’m most worried about is what if a child’s information is released to hospitals with a disease that could be treated with long term therapy? Would that hospital refuse that child since it would be less expensive for them to just let the child die rather than treat that child for years and give it a chance at life?

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