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i love movies

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~Mayflower Compact~

The Mayflower Compact was created in 160 when a group of Sparatists from Holland came to New England. They made a pact, or an agreement to make a ‘crude government’ and to yield to the desire of the majority. The agreement was made on the Mayflower, before it disembarked on New England. Forty one male adults signed the pact. This pact led to self government and freedom for the pilgrims.


Calvinism is a belief that God is all and powerful and no priest or pope can preach anything and the Bible is the only source to consult to. Calvinism also stated that each person’s fate of whether they would go to heaven or hell was already decided and no good deeds could change this decision. This belief was formed by Calvin of Geneva, a religious leader during the early 1500s. This belief became dominate in Europe and in America. Calvinism led the Puritans to break away from England because they did not believe that their King was their spiritual or political leader.

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~Church of England~

Henry VIII was the head of the Church of England. It was created during the 1500s. The church taught people to purify English Christianity. At first, the Puritans were delighted to see the Church get rid of Catholics. However, when the Church ‘enrolled all of the King’s subjects’, the Puritans were angry and thought the saints, or people that can prove they can feel grace, had to be enrolled with regular people. Thus, it made the group of dedicated Puritans, the Separatists to break away from the Church of England.

~William Bradford~

William Bradford was born in 150 and died at 1657. He was a leader of the Pilgrims. He was a self taught scholar who knew many different languages. He was chosen governor 0 times and was honored. He was afraid of the non-puritans and did not want them to pollute his godly world. He helped the puritans prove that they could survive nicely on their own without England.

~John Winthrop~

John Winthrop lived during the 1600s. He was an attorney and a well to do manor lord. He became governor of Massachusetts for 1 years. He contributed to Massachusetts’s economy and helped it prosper. It’s fishing, boat building, and fur trading thrived with the help of John Winthrop.

~Congregational Church~

It is a Puritan congregation which was created in the 1600s in the Bay Colony. It included only “adult males that belonged to the Puritan congregations”. Only the men in the Congregational Church could vote and own land. This separated the classes and the genders. However, the number of people allowed to vote was a larger proportion compared to the proportion in England.

~Roger Williams~

Roger Williams was an extreme Salem minister who urged people to break apart from the Church of England. He came about during the early and mid 1600s. He also accused the Bay Colony for unrightfully compensating Indian territory. He also thought that government should not control religion. Because he was exiled, he created a Baptist church in Rhode Island and allowed the freedom to worship as any person pleases. As a result, Rhode Island became the most liberal English settlement.

~Anne Hutchinson~

Anne Hutchinson was born in 151 and died in 164. She was a strong willed and intelligent woman that challenged Puritan orthodoxy. She argued against the Puritans with logic and she believed that the only way to be saved is to follow your own rules and not go by the rules of man or God. She was bought to trail in 168 and banished out of the Bay Colony. She managed to pollute the Puritan experiment and allowed other people to start questioning the Puritan values.

~Thomas Hooker~

Thomas Hooker lived during the 1600s and was a Puritan Revered that came from Boston. He led a group of Puritans into Hartford. He was among the many that started traveling westward. He brought one of the first groups to settle in Hartford.

~Fundamental Orders of Connecticut~

The Fundamental Orders of Connecticut was created in 16. The Fundamental Orders of Connecticut stated that Connecticut is democratically controlled by its citizens. The settlers of the Connecticut River colony wrote this document that later became part of the Connecticut constitution.

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