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Legalizing marihuana

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Marijuana and the Mind

Marijuana has been found to affect the brains proper functioning as well as proper mental development of the user. Most notably marijuana affects the motivations of the user by chemically unbalancing the natural functions of the brain. The result can be seen by talking with marijuana users about changing their habit. Marijuana is no big deal, as long as they have it. Marijuana affects ambition and alters reality. Situations which are really vital to handle are not even seen. One couple addicted to marijuana had smoked through the womans pregnancy and in the babys same room during the babys first year. The baby was under sized, unresponsive, dazed and had not attempted to crawl. Addiction and anti-social behavior later in life is common for babies of marijuana addicts. Despite these bad effects, the marijuana addicted couple had not recognized or acknowledged the affects of marijuana on their baby.

Marijuana toxins affect the brain. Memory loss, the shakes and deterioration has been associated to longer term marijuana users. Significant mental problems are associated more frequently with people you smoke marijuana. These problems are rarely attributed by the user to marijuana use. Many people do go to treatment to detox and rehabilitate themselves after years of marijuana use. Ideally these long term physical conditions are prevented by full detox and rehabilitation early on while the marijuana user has not yet created mental health imbalances by their habit.

The effects on each person depend on the users experience, as well as

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how strong the marijuana is (how much THC it has);

what the user expects to happen;

where (the place) the drug is used;

how it is taken; and

whether the user is drinking alcohol or using other drugs.

The short-term side effects of marijuana include

problems with memory and learning;

distorted perception (sights, sounds, time, touch);

trouble with thinking and problem-solving;

loss of coordination; and

increased heart rate, anxiety.

These effects are even greater when other drugs are mixed with the marijuana; and users do not always know what drugs are given to them.

The long-term side effects from findings show that regular use of marijuana or THC may play a role in some kinds of cancer and in problems with the respiratory, and immune systems.


Its hard to know for sure whether regular marijuana use causes cancer. But it is known that marijuana contains some of the same, and sometimes even more, of the cancer-causing chemicals found in tobacco smoke. Studies show that someone who smokes five joints per week may be taking in as many cancer-causing chemicals as someone who smokes a full pack of cigarettes every day.

Lungs and airways

People who smoke marijuana often develop the same kinds of breathing problems that cigarette smokers have coughing and wheezing. They tend to have more chest colds than nonusers. They are also at greater risk of getting lung infections like pneumonia.

Immune system

Animal studies have found that THC can damage the cells and tissues in the body that help protect people from disease. When the immune cells are weakened, you are more likely to get sick

Twelve percent of the adults and 1% of the youth who have ever used marihuana can be designated intermittent users; they continue to use the drug more than once a month, but less than several times a week, probably on weekends. Six percent of the adults and five percent of the youth are moderate users who continue to use marihuana several times a week to once daily. Finally, % of the adults and 4% of the youth who have ever used marihuana are heavy users they use the drug several times daily.

The incidence of use is greatest among young people 7% of the 16-17 year olds, 40% of the 18-1 year olds, and 8% of the -5 year olds have tried marihuana; at the low extremes, 6% of the 1-1 year olds and 6% of the over-50 generation have used the drug. Among those now in school, incidence also seems to rise with increasing school level Ever-users represent 44% of those persons now in college or graduate school; 0% of high school juniors and seniors; 17% of freshmen and sophomores; and 8% of students in junior high school.

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