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McCormick Duo

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On Monday September 8, 00 at 800, I had the opportunity to attend “The McCormick Duo” held at the University of South Florida in the building FAH 101. This concert was the first concert held this year by the School of Music. As I walked into the building I could tell that all the attendees were mostly people who had attended these concerts often because, of their conversations about past concerts. I didn’t see many faces from my music class but, I did see students from other classes such as University Experience.

The recital consisted of only three performers. A flutist (Kim McCormick), percussionist (Robert McCormick), and a female soloist (Kay Lowe). The recital consisted of thirteen pieces in which three of the pieces included the soloist.

The piece that I am going to discuss is the piece that was the main piece of the night, it was the premiere performance and the name of the piece is called ‘Between’ by Daniel Adams (I have attached the program for you to view). This piece ‘Between’ is the eighth piece in the concert performed right before intermission. ‘Between’ was written in 00 especially for Kim and Robert McCormick. This piece started out with the flute playing very soft and relaxed, at times it sounded like she was running up a scale. Then the percussionist comes in beating the snare and what sounds to me like the tenor drum. Throughout this piece there is a continuous back and forth of the rhythm as to if they were fighting each other. Even though it sounded like the two instruments were fighting with each other it still flowed well. In this piece you could tell that there were some sharp keys being played because, there were places in the song in which you just herd something totally different. The dynamics of the piece were continuously changing. In the sections were the percussionist was playing you could distinctly hear the change in dynamics. As the piece started to culminate the tempo definitely started to speed up and the dynamic level rose greatly. Both instruments played in the highest register of their instruments. They then began to alternate transpositions but, they ended together.

At first when I entered the building and received my program and I read it I then realized that the concert consisted of only percussion, flute, and a soprano voice I was disappointed. I have never been to a concert with such a little variety of instruments, therefore, I was expecting for it to be boring. As the concert started and they got thru the first piece I was very surprised at what I had just heard. I was excited from then on out to see what the rest of the concert would b like especially ‘Between’ because, it was going to be their premier performance of the piece. The piece ’Between’ had received a very well round of applause. I enjoyed myself at the concert and was very surprised because it was not what I expected for it to be. I am looking forward to go to a part two of this concert if they were to have another one. WORD COUNT 544

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