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Persuasive Essay

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For a person who strongly believed in and preached about the goodness of the Lord, John Edwards, in my opinion, made God out to sound like a cruel and heartless person in his sermon �Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God”. �Natural men are held in the hand of God, over the pit of hell…”, and �God is dreadfully provoked, His anger is as great toward them as to those that are actually suffering the exactions of the fierceness of His wrath in hell,” are just a few of the things Edwards wrote in his story. In his story, �natural men” where the people in the congregation who had not accepted Christ as their savior. In my opinion, these are statements that would make a non-believer reject God even more. Some reasons for why I do not agree in Edwards’s story are because there are numerous of different religions that do not believe in God, the Puritans had unreasonable theories and ideas to begin with and people’s actions speak more then their religion.

To begin with, there are numerous of different religions that do not believe in God or Christ. Just to list a few there is Islam, Hinduism and even Buddhism. Although many may argue that it is in the Bible that if one does not believe in Christ, then he or she will go to hell, but what about the other religion’s beliefs? All of the other religions have their own beliefs on how to get to heaven, and not all of them consist of believing in the Lord. Who’s to say who is right, who is wrong or even who’s religion dominates whose? If John Edwards wanted to get people to believe in God, then he should have used a more kinder way to show the Lord’s love for everyone. By telling people that they were going to die if they did not believe in Christ would only put fear in their minds. And contrary to popular beliefs, fear does not always motivate people to do things.

Another thing that may cause a person to not believe in the Lord, would be the beliefs that the Puritans already held. The Puritans held beliefs that laughing and feeling emotions were un-Christian like and were against the law. Now why would a person, who enjoyed life and liked to smile every now and then, drive themselves to follow even more strict rules? For some reason, Puritans held different beliefs of Christianity then what I think God would have wanted them to believe. Not to mention that the puritan beliefs began to create episodes of mass hysteria.

The last thing that makes me disagree with John Edwards’s story, is the thought that actions speak louder then words. I think that the actions of a human being is more important then what type of religion they believe in. There are some people in this world who do more good and don’t believe in God then those who do believe in God. Some examples would be people that help out the homeless and would give them food and cloths that they may be able to keep them warm during the cold nights. Now how do you decide who goes to heaven if you have one person who believes in God but does not go out to donate their time to those less fortunate or a person who gives what they can to help out their fellow man but does not go to church or claim a certain religion?

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These are just a few of the reasons on why I disagree with John Edwards’s story. I believe that just because a person may not believe in one certain religion that they will automatically burn in hell, despite all of the good deeds they might have done in their life time. Between having numerous of different religions to believe in, the unreasonable laws and ideas that the Puritans already held and people’s actions over religions, I strongly disapprove of the general idea of his sermon. I also believe that had John used a more softer approach to trying to believe in Christ then he would have had more citizens ready to accept God in to their life.

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